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born with a streak

hey girlies

Don't know whether i ever posted about this before so i'm sorry if i have. lol

my daughter was born with masses of jet black hair and this one big blonde streak on the top of her head. Do you know of any other babies with streaks or know of a way this could have happened? could it have been something i'd eaten while carrying her or what? its definatly new to me. lol

Lisa xxx

Well she'll never have to pay for streaks when she's older. lol


  • I'm sure it's nothing you did or ate!!
    Trendy girl, bet she looks gorgeous with it although her hair may well grow the same colour all over when she sheds this baby hair.
  • My OH has a little white patch :lol: He's had it since he was 18 and its from an accident when he was younger. He cut his head and the cut damaged the hair follicle so now he looks like a birdie has pooped in his hair :lol:

  • aaawwwww its so cute my cousins son had a streak of blonde hair when he was born but its all black now it took about a year for it to go but he looked so cool xxx
  • i remember spotting it when the midwife was washing her after she was born and she also said it was unusal. I've tried getting a good pic of it on facebook but the light always catches it or something. Once i get a good pic i'll stick it on here to show everyone.

    Lisa xxx
  • Aww i think thats so cute and unusual..
    I remember being at school with a girl a year or so younger than me,she had jet black hair and one sliver ish streak in the front of her hair,it looked so different but not in a bad way!
    Saw her awhile back and its still there and looks just as good lol
  • aw how cute image
    i have dark hair and had a blonde streak as a child, i been using hair dye for years so dont know if its still there,lol
  • DD had jet black hair when she was born, but it has gone lighter now. she has a blond stripe across the front.

  • its a birth mark. im pretty sure of it. my oh's brother has a blondey grey ish streak in his hair. which he has had since birth.. i used to go to school with a lad who had one grey eye and one green eye one grey eyebrow and a streak through his hair... all continuous in a line which was also a birth mark ...
  • Aw shes cute
    I have a blonde streak too! Don't know where it came from - it wasn't really noticable when I was little as i lived in the tropics from the age of 2-5 so my hair was a lot lighter but I used to hate it when I was younger then when I got to teenage years I thought it was cool. Not sure where it is nowadays... think the henna has eaten it!

    No idea what caused it for me - no obvious birthmark on head, no bumps on head etc etc - i've always assumed its jsut one of those things!!
  • My LO has a blonde streak at the front of his head. My mum was shocked when he came out as thats one of the first things she noticed, as the rest of his hair was brown/black and he is a mixed race child.

    I think it looks cute though, some say its a birthmark and the hair follicle is damaged hence the white streak

  • I know a guy with something similar - he has jet black hair and is of greek origin i think so he's very dark with olive features but the crown of his head is white blonde! It looks so unusual, i think it's very rare but it looks beautiful on your lo, the picture is lovely x
  • Hey there, im a 34 year old woman and since i was a baby ive had mousey blonde hair and on the left hand side of my head i have a jet black patch of hair??!! its no longer than 2 inches and never grows!!?? i have my hair bleach blonde nowadays and sometimes the black patech takes and sometimes it doesnt.  Ive not found an answer as to why i have it, when i was a baby the midwife thought my mum had burnt me lol but mum always said a fairy touched me with her wand, (which of course i dont believe now) if anyone could help find an answer id appreciate it.  Or maybe its just one of those things aye? xxx

  • Its called a mallen streak.  my brother's x g/f had one and when she used to get her hair dyed red when she was younger, it sometimes came out pink cus there was less colour in that part of her hair.:  Stick the link in your browser x     
  • It's down to the pigment in your skin. Just the same as animals that are brown and white etc. I have it and my brothers, mum, uncles etc. Not deformed  follicle - that is curly hair.

  • Wow! I don't think I have ever heard of that before! I think she is going to look great with a natural blonde streak in her hair! I mean, how cool is that?! image



  • Im 14 and when I was younger my hair would change colour all the time, I was born with really dark brown hair, then around ages 4 and 8 my hair would go almost white in the summer. Now my hair is a mid brown colour but I have a couple of blonde/white streaks on one side of my hair that just stay there image My hair stays about the same colour all year round though now image. My dad has dark brown hair and my mum had blonde and faded to light brown over time I guess I couldn't choose which one to pick so I tryed them both out lolimage

  • Hi ladies! What a fun thread to read all your comments. image I do know that some babies are born with birth marks.  Some are in the form of a mole of some kind and some are born with a 'bleach spot' on their head, which causes their hair to grow that color. image Very cute. 

  • I was born with jet black hair and streaks so it's not uncommon.
  • I heard its a native american genetic trait. Back in junior night I met had a streak of blonde on the front part or her hair and the patch was also on her forehead like missing pigment there her brother did too.   She still to this day has that streak and one of kiddos has it too!! I think its pretty cool also her mom a and grandma have it as well. 

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