Sofas what have you got?

Hi all at the grand old age of 26 im gonna buy my first sofa and wondered how yours coped with lo's. We have a dog and cat so need something hard wearing, do you have a leather sofa does it mark easily? if you have fabric do the covers come off and when washed have they gone back on ok

uggghhh i sound like my gran but any help wld be appreciated



  • we used to have fabric but now have leather.the final straw was when I'd just put the cover back on after washing, the cat jumped up on the arm and was immediately sick on the side so it had to be washed again. Leather is great. only has milk marks to wash off (like most things) from testing supplies. hard waering.
  • we have leather, good job really i spill all the time!!! i find if i wash it down with a damp cloth- it comes up really well- all marks have come off so far : )
  • we have a dog, cat & now a 7 week old! we have a leather sofa as with animals its just easier. the only thing i would say against leather is that (a) it scratches really easily- when the cat is having a mad half hour and uses the sofa as a spring board! & (b) leather is really cold when you want to get all snuggly! apart from that its great! xx
  • We had fabric when i had Ethan but as soon as he was crawling around he'd leave hand marks of chocolate or something on them just after being washed so now we've got a leather one and i'll never go back to fabric again (well at least until both kids are older) lol

    My mum and dad have got a brown recliner suite and have a bull mastiff and springer spanial that always jump up out of giddyness and theirs ended up with a big hole in one of the seat cushions where the big one had jumped up and pulled his claws along it while getting down. Luckily it was only a bit after they got it so they got a replacement.

    lot easier to keep clean though.

    Lisa xxx
  • we have chocolate brown dfs leather sofas. great with kids, just wipe it down! xox
  • we also have a leather one and its brilliant,my son is forever spilling stuff on it and it just wipes off and now with the twins its gonna have a lot of wear and tear,my son has put pen on it and it did take a bit of effort to get it off,my mom also has leather and has a cat,she has to be carefull as when the cat jumps up it does mark the sofa

  • Chocolate brown sofas are very popular aren't they?!! That's what I have too and they're so easy to clean!!
  • We've got a green fabric sofa and chair and a chocolate brown leather chair aswell. So far the sofa's going ok but I bet we'll move over to leather as lo gets older and muckier! x
  • I also have a chocolate brown sofa and I love it. It is so handy to wipe especially with have children. They are really easy to keep and I would never have fabric with a child around. I just wipe mine with a baby wipe.
  • i have brown leather, definately a good buy.

  • i have 2 fabric sofas with complete removable covers,i love them but have just bought a new corner fabric group for moving,havin removable covers was fab,yes lennons get fingers and everything over them but they have cleaned up fab with out washing them,their charcol colour,my cats on the other hand have scratched the sides an 1 climbs rather than jumps so i drean to think what would have happened with a leather 1,i can trim the bits off coz of the fabric,1 reason why i got it because of pulls but if i didnt have the cats i'd def be going for a leather 1 although i agree they do get cold then in the summer if the sun gets on them you burn your ass off lol

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  • we had a fabric one and although it had removable covers the arms on it were gross with milk spills etc so we have a black leather one from dfs ,its a sofa bed so when u take the cushions off u can pull the bed from inside it eh lol ....and the marks do wipe off easily the only thing is like someone else said it does scratch quite easily ,someone has sat on ours and caught the button off the trousers or something and its has a small tear :evil: we do have leather care but i cant be bothered ringing them :lol: xxx
  • Ha ha ha, I have a chocolate brown sofa too!
    Absolutely essential during the early projectile vomiting phase, easy to wipe down.
    One of my cats has made a bit of a mess of one of the arms though (grr) so you'd have to bear that in mind.
    Happy shopping.
  • we also have a brown leather sofa its fab xx
  • ours is fabric and the covers dont come off, it's coated in something that APPARENTLY stops it from staining as long as u wipe over it quickly and so far it's in pretty good condition considering JJ was sick over it many many times when he was poorly! the only mark on it is from where i used pink disinfectant by mistake :lol: it's 4 years old now and cost just over ??1000 frm DFS x

  • ooo and forgot to mention we had 2 cats that loved scratching down the sides for 18 months and there's no damage at all x
  • We've got one (fabric) from DFS - a deep red colour. We just covered it when feeding lo, but any stains were easy to wipe off. We don't have any pets.
  • ours is cream! nightmare. the covers come off but is such a chore

  • Thanks for all your responses,

    Mrsjbourne fab pic, think im gonna get it from DFS.

    Mrsamanda, no if its only the chair i dont think thats mean, i think children need to learn how to respect things.

    I never knew choosing it wld be so hard tho

  • we have a red fabric one from DFS but we spent the extra ??600 to get it all scotch graded before being delivered x
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