Cravings during pregnancy?

Hi ladies

I know some women crave some really weird things when they are pregnant, like coal, chalk etc and I just wondered what yours was (if you had one or a few).

I craved tropical fruit solero ice lollies (yummy!, no substitute though!) and Toby carvery meals (also yummy too although i'm not sure if they have restaurants around the country). I had a really bad craving for a carvery meal once when I was pregnant that when I finished work at 7pm one night, I called in on my way home and had a meal all by myself!!(I would never normally eat on my own but needs must!!)


  • lol @ eatig alone in the carvery!

    with ds it was bacon and custard, not together i hasten to add, but had i been allowed i could've quite happily just eaten those two thinsg throught my pregnancy lol. this time round tho i've seemed to have had a different 'craving' every week, on't know what thats about, one week was gerkin, the next was frosted shreddies and ice cold milk, another was cheddar, anpther pickled onions...this week its been celery dipped in guacamole, which i can't normally stand guacamole! oh and on several occasions this time round i've had the urge (and carried it thru) to eat an entire pack of crab sticks! yum! infact i want those right now dammit! x


  • That is sooo weird as I have really fancied a Toby Carvery too!
    We have one up the road but haven't managed to persuade hubs to come with me!
    MrsH and little pud 13+1 xx
  • Mine was flumps & starbucks caramel maciatios (sp) so much so I stood in a queue in starbucks on Christmas eve for 45 mins waiting to be served!! I love toby's but we don't have them in northern Ireland, but towards end of pg when I couldn't fly my dad who lives in Liverpool was going every Sunday & made me so jealous, don't think it was a craving, just couldn't have what I wanted lol

    jayne x
  • mins was deffo Ice, which is a form of Pica. Unfortunatley I didn't listen to the midwife and never took my iron tables and lost a helluvva lot of blood and I am still anemic now *tut tut*

    I still eat ice btw....has anyone found their craving hasnt went away? xx
  • Mine weren't that weird. Apples and mars bars at the same time.

    Also chocolate buttons... couldn't get enough of them. DS has a brown birthmark on his arm which I swear is a chocolate button smudged on there. He must be going through some major choccie withdrawal at the moment.
  • Had a real thing for chalk with DD2. With DD1 it was crunching ice.
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