My son is 9 months old and for the past few months he's woken at 6:30am approximately, stayed awake for 2 hours, had an hour long nap, played for 3 hours then napped for and hour and a half then stayed awake till bath at 6:30 with bed straight after then slept right through the night.
For some reason he's started napping for just 20 to 30 mins meaning he's tired again 2 hours later and then naps for 20 mins or so and is tired again 2 hours later and so it goes on meaning he's having 3 or 4 naps a day and they are falling when he should be getting fed etc.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just because he's getting older? Or could it be a phase or teething?!



  • Can anyone advise me on how to make him nap a bit longer?
  • Sorry I can't really offer much help, my LO is 6 months and is more likely to have a 30-40 minute nap, than a longer one.

    I have heard of a technique whereby you slightly wake them, just before they would wake anyway and then settle them back down straight away. I have tried this myself and it has worked on occasion. Might be worth a try for you.

    He could have changed for any number of reasons, teething, active mind, new movements he's learnt, the heat or it could be just a phase.

    I wish you luck and hope others can offer better advice xx
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