Lactose intolerant?

my LO is 9 months and Ive posted before about her still being sick after eating, mainly after dairy products. Well I saw the HV about this and shes suggested she might be lactose intolerant and to cut out dairy products for the time being.
It might just be me but Im finding EVERYTHING I think to make her seems to have some sort of dairy in it, cheese, milk etc.
Does anyone have any recommendations for foods she could have that are dairy free? Im going to try her on alpro soya milk and yoghurts but Im a bit stuck for ideas.


  • ds is 15 months and was diagnosed as cows milk intolerant at 6.5months. ur right it is sooo difficult to find thinsg that are dairy free. if u normally use butter/marge then vitalite is completely dairy free as is a brand called 'pure' (they're the only two that i can find), pure also make a dairy free 'cheese' spread, both of these u can find among the normal cheese spreads and butters....for now i would avoid the 'lacto free' brand as that is just lactose free, but still contains cows milk protein and as ur little one hasn't been tested it could be eitehr or both of those things (as it si with ds) that causes her probems...marmite (very salty, but very occasionally and thinly spread), if ur lo has a suspected food allergy then its best to avoid nut prodcuts, so unfortunately peanut butter is out...tuna and mayo, tuna and 'cheese' spread (tend to add grated carrot to this too), salmon and 'cheese' spread, diabetic/sugar free jam. u can also buy a soya cheese subtitute called 'cheezy' thats supposed to be like cheddar, u can use that to make cheese sauces, aplro also do a soya single cream, tesco ahve a good range of free from stuff too. mostly i find that basically ds has similar to what we're having, just tweaked slightly to make it dairy free, by either leaving the dairy out compleyetly or using substitutes. there are some jars of baby food that have no dairy in, but u do need to check the labels for that. avocado is another one for mixing with chicken or tuna. tbhy as its become second nature now i'm struggling to actually think of what we do lol, iyswim? asda sell their own brand of soya yoghurts, much cheaper than the alpro....but...what milk will u be feeding her for milk feeds? ds has sma wysoy on prescription, they can't have 'fresh' soya milk as a main drink until they're two yrs old, but u can use it on cereals and in cooking.

    if i think of anything else, i'll let u know, hth xx
  • Thanks wowbaby, thats a great help. Going to do an online shop tonight and will be adding lots of those bits!
    Can I ask, have you tried your LO on dairy at all since he was diagnosed? The HV says its something she'll grow out of you see...
    Also what symptoms did your LO show, Isla is just sick after most dairy meals and it doesnt seem to affect her in any other way. She has always been very congested and snotty though! x
  • erm, well, once or twice we've given him the tiniest bit of somehting cotaining milk, ie about 7 weeks ago iw as out with a friend and i had a little muffin, i gave him thetiniest bit (and i mean tiny), 45minutes later he was sick, not alot but it as really smelly and curdled and that was the first time he'd been sick for about 5 months. both Oh and i had it as children and we both out grew it, usually by 1yr, but if not by 5 then it tends to be a permanent thing. he'll be having his barium meal test when he's 2 (they normally do this at one, but his weight ahd been so up and down and was finally putting on a decent amount of weight that i asked if we could wait longer rather than rock the boat, and they agreed).
    well from day one he was very very sick, entire feeds would come up, bt it coudl be ten minutes after a feed or 3 hours after a feed. his stomach was solid, his poo was green, he'd scream if he needed to fart or poo, he had a rash (he still has very mild eczema) and eventually (because milk was the sole part of his diet until he was 23weeks) he started to lose weight. weird about the snottiness, never notcied it with ds, but i always get a bit 'pleghmy' after a cheese sandwich or a glass of milk. hth xx
  • Hi lizzie is almost 6 months and has a CMPI and LI. It is a nightmare trying to wean her! I was advised by doctor to start weaning early as one of her sympotns was awful colic. the other is reall y bad head to toe ezcema. she also had poos which would be evry time she had a bottle and they would be soooo runny they would literally go from her botom to her shoulders and were starting to go green!
    Lizzie is on nurtramigen milk which ios a prescription milk. firstly i would go and see doc and ask for a trial of a cmp and lactous free milk. As your lo is over 6 months it will probably be a soya milk (they cant have soya formula under 6 months)
    Luckliy lizzies was noticed very early so she know no different-she has no idea what cheese tastes like or anything like that.
    If your doc agrees a trial and things improve you can ask to see a dietian who can advise of lo's diet. Mine wont see me until lizzie is over 6 months as the veg and fruit purees are fine and all she needs at the moment.
    i have found there are other things lizzie cant eat and she gets an imediate reaction with them-mango, strawberrys were the 2 things i have found and hv has advised not go to her citrus fruits as its more than likely this will react with her too. luckly it is an intolerenace and not an allergy so if she does eat something she shouldnt it will probably upset her tummy/make ezcema worse but have no liofe threating elements!
  • Have replied in BIS hun xx
  • oh yes wannababy, when i went for ds 12month follow up with the paed (at 10months...) he asked what fruit and veg he eats and i said everything, he asked what even citrus and berries? wheh i rpelied yes, his fave is blueberries and strawberries i was then told he shoudln't have been tried with them until 12months as they're more liely to have a reaction, bit late to tell me after he's been having them for 4 months tho eh? lucklily obviosuly he was fine with those, but yes sarahboo, u'll probably be advised to avoid citrus and berries, shellfish (?? no one hsa said this to us, but i'm guessing as tahst one of the otehr high allergy food groups) and nuts (nuts until 3, whole nuts until 5, but thats normal) xx
  • yes see no one told us to advoid them either and unfortunatly lizzie ended up with a stinking pooy nappy (tummy ache too i guess!) and a full on sore face rash!
    also i dont know if you know or not but banana is a high risk allergy food too which is bizzare as its one of the things most babies try first! and even more strangly lizzie is fine with banana!!
    i think she will end up like me-intolerent to life!! bless her x
  • banana? haha the very same paed told us to give him banana has he'd had a bout of tummy troubles for the week before we saw him that time and eh said banana, carrot, sweet pots, pots (root veg) etc would help to balance his poo back out! we also saw a dietician when he was 6 months and thatw as the third time we'd seen the paed, plus gp visits and hvs, its terrible really as its quite important information, and not one of them mentioned it...xx
  • ok they made have told me banana as i have a nut allergy and hv said it can be linked to that, so may be thats why?! oh i dont know we all seem to be told a varient of different things,lol!
    i do think its trial and error im afradi. obv if anyones lo has a major reaction then they must let a health care poffesional know!
    i was told that tummy ache, bad poos and rashs/skin problems are not going to hurt her in the long run but not to give them again if she has a reaction as the reaction can get worse-has anyone else been told this?
    I am going on holiday to jamica in 6 months and have sod all idea on how im going to get on?! any ideas??
  • This is really interesting thanks girls.
    Isla doesnt seem to have had any other reactions which I find weird. She is a very phlehmy baby too and people have commented on this. My OH had ezcema and asthma as a child and he now suffers quite badly with hayfever.

    Thanks for all the advice.x
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