Going back to work on Monday & baby getting up earlier HELP

Hello Ladies

I hope some of you might be able to help me

I go back to work on Monday after almost 8 months off - my son Brodie is 6 1/2 months old and has slept through the night until at least 6am since about 12 weeks old.

I was delighted with this if he got up at 6am i would get to give him his morning bottle and spend sometime with him before dropping him of at my SIL's at 8am

He now has his last bottle at 6:30pm and is in bed by 6:45 and sleeping by 7pm - I can't seem to keep him up any later than this - i'm sure he knows i am going back to work as for the last couple of weeks he has woken up at about 4am / 4:30am and lies in his cot babbling away and rolling over until about 6am when he decides to go back to sleep until 7 or 8am - this is not good - I am going to be so tired as i cant sleep when he is making noises - so effectively i will be up from 4ish every morning and also if he doesnt wake until 8am i will need to drop him off in his PJ's

Please help me get my little boy back into the routine he was in - any tips ?

He has 3 bottles and 3 solid meals a day



  • i have no advice about getting back into the routine but if ur both awake at that time could u not get him dressed then? all you'll need to worry about is nappy and feed then before you go, i know it's not great getting him dressed at 4am but it might be a temporary solution until he gets himself back into his routine? x
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