What to buy baby for christmas??


Isabella will be 8 weeks on Christmas, and my boyfriend and I agreed we will put money into her bank account for her 'present' as she is still tiny and doesnt understand what it is. However, i would like to buy her a few little bits but i have no idea what? any1 have any ideas? thanks!

Steph xx


  • Tegan was 8 weeks old last xmas day and we gave her money and bought her some of those big teddy/rattle things from the early learning centre and a winnie the pooh toy that lights up and moves, she loved them, although she couldnt play with them by herself she was fascinated watchin them we played with them. hope this helps xxx
  • what about those little rattle socks u put on their feet? or some little toys that fit around the cot, books for bedtime stories or a touchy feely activity cube. xx
  • ooo those socks are good, we had some as a present. not sure where they are from but lamaze is the make i think xx
  • Frankie will be 9 weeks at xmas. We have bought her a couple of vtech toys for age 3months+ from asda (they were really cheap). We are also buying her a swimming seat and wetsuit cos we were gonna get these anyway so we can start taking her swimming after xmas. We are getting her a xmas outfit too which im going to wrap up.
  • i think blooming marvellous do the foot rattles they have an offer at the mo aswell, spend 60quid, get 20% off and free delivery, some lovely baby clothes reduced 2, im skint coz i just placed an order,lol. xx
  • also keepsakes are always a nice things for babies at christmas, means so much more than a toy xx
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