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I've taken a different child home!!!!

Really hoping someone can provide a bit of reassurance!! My daughter had her 8 week jabs on Wednesday and honestly I'm sure I've taken a different child home. She used to be placid, happy, slept well and took her bottles. NOW - she wont let us put her down for 2 seconds and seems to be hungry but wont take full feeds. The nurse said expect a fever and cold symptons for 48 hours - but we are into day 3 now? Does anyone else have any experiences? I feel a bit silly ringing the doctors as there isnt actually anything wrong with her. PS tried Calpol and not working! Thanks in advance x


  • I didn't want to r&r - we didn't have this exactly but I did find that ds wasn't bothered by his jabs for the first few days but then became really grizzly and didn't nap well on about day 4. I would speak to the HV - give them a ring. It can't hurt! She might just feel a bit under the weather, when my son feels like that he gets really disrupted bless him. I think it's mainly because he gets frustrated! Hope she feels better soon x
  • Yep were like Em, no reaction till day 3-5 and then he had disturbed nights and was grumpy as anything! He has never had a fever or cold like symptoms just unsettledness really and it does pass.

    Hope she feels better soon

  • when madam had her first lot of jabs, she spent the following 4 days just crying, and it seemed to worsen at night, none of my other 3 were like that. but i also found calpol aggrevated it and made her cry more, so her next lot of jabs i gave her calprofen and that worked a treat. it will pass hun, i know how horrid it is to hear your baby crying like that xxxx
  • Have you tried paracetamol? Our doc prescribed my LO some for after his jabs and that seemed to have worked a treat. He told us not to bother with calpol. Sorry can't offer more help xx
  • Hi Becky, Thomas was ok the day he had his jabs, a little sleepy from what I can remember that afternoon, but i don't think it really ht him until a couple of days later, he wasn't too bad he was just a bit grizzly, not enough for me to give him anything like calpol or anything though so he wasn't too bad. Sorry wish I could help. Hope she's back to herself soon. x
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