where to put my cotbed ?

Hi all, I heard that you cannot put a cot against an outside wall, is this true and why ? Is also not suitable to put under a window ?

Any good places to buy white cot bed, everywhere I have looked has the high front and back panels and I would prefer shorter ?

Thanks in advance



  • Hi GPavey - i havent heard of this before, i have my ds cotbed in the corner of our room (its a very small room) it is like an inch from the wall - which is an outside wall. As for beside a window - i would say this is incase there is a draught but if you have curtains and the curtains are pulled to stop any draught going to the baby i would say its fine. Not sure on the white cotbed - we got our wooden one from a local shop.
    hope u find the one u looking for xx
  • I think it's because you can get temperature fluctuations near the exterior wall (unless it is well insulated) and the furthest point away from doors, windows, radiators, exterior walls, etc will have the most even temperature.

    We didn't have anywhere like that in Abby's room (because of the layout of doors, windows etc) so apart from putting the cot in the middle of the room, we had no choice but to go with an exterior wall, and she's always been fine.

    I think you can tie yourself in knots trying to follow all the guidelines, but at the end of the day, as long as you keep an eye on the temperature, and use your common sense, it wont do any harm at all.image

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