BF and Periods. (TMI?) Worried.

Also posted on BF but...................

Ok girls please give me some advice on this......

So I am exclusively Breast feeding my little boy who is going to be 9 weeks old on saturday.

I stopped my 'post partum' bleeding at about 2 1/2 weeks and stopped the 'discharge' at about 6 1/2 weeks.
Today I found some blood in my knickers and, at first was not too worried as it was only a relatively small ammount and so assumed that it was my period starting up again. However I am now worried as I didn't think periods were meant to start this quickly when BF.

Is it 'normal/ok' to start having periods this early when BFing?

(For extra info Robert has about 1 expressed bottle feed every 2 days or so, but other wise is exclusivly bf, uses a dummy for a short time every day and tends to sleep for about 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 hours at night, followed by 1 hour awake and then another 3 asleep and has done since birth!)


  • Hiya hun, yes for some women they do return very early. I know of some women who have got theirs straight away. Mine came back after 3 and a half months. Maybe it's because Robert is such a fab sleeper! xxx
  • hi i replyed on bf page, love fiona
  • Hiya,

    Yes unfortunately it can be quite normal. Mine started only 3 weeks after the bleeding stopped, it's not fair is it?!

    Corinna x
  • Yep, someone on here a while back mentioned its because youa re more fertile. Not sure how true this is.

    I had lo in may, missed june af , then had one monthly ever since. They are just teh same as they were before being pregnant.

    I found out fro my mum a few months ago (dont ask how the convo came up!) that her af also returned whilst bf.
    So to answer your question, yes it is ok and you are normal. xxx
  • Thanks girls, has made me feel much better and loads less worried. I can now enjoy the weekend without getting in a state!
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