I think i have mastitis again :-(

Well as the title says i think i have mastitis again boo hooo. Evie has just finished her groth spurt and i think this maybe the cause of the problem, as my boobs have been solid with her not feeding so much. I'm gutted as its my birthday on sunday and i'm going away to centre parks on monday. xxxx


  • Awww babe! Not sure what you can do but sending gentle hugs xx Hope you manage to enjoy Centre Parks x
  • hey,

    try taking ibroprofin and expressing some milk.

    hope you enjoy sunday and your holiday!
  • i did exactly what loopy loo has said. I only bf for the first few month but one time she just wasn't feeding and mine went like rock so i sat with the pump and just got rid of a bit to ease the pain and soften them a bit. It did help.

    Good luck, hope you have a nice time.

    Lisa xxx
  • If you think you need antibiotics you can go to the out of hours doctor for them - I did, and they certainly didn't make me feel it wasn't something worth going for. I think if you phone your own GPs surgery it will either put you straight through or have a recorded message telling you the number to call.

    I didn't know you could take Ibuprofen while breastfeeding...that's probably worth knowing.

    Hope you feel better and enjoy next week.
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