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dry hands and feet

My lo (2weeks old) has really bad dry peely skin on her hands and feet. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm a bit worried it could be exma or something. The mw said to rub some olive oil in.. but she keeps on putting her hands in her mouth so it doesnt stay on for very long! x


  • Hi jennie, my baby had this its nothing to be worried about and i just read you were overdue when you had her aswell as i was i was 8 days and the dry skin on hands and feet is due to being cooked to long lol!!! I just use baby bee by burts bees it is really expensive from williams and griffins but it really worked for me it does clear up but takes a while im sure that just a normal lotion will help and maybe just out scatch mits on her after for a while if she keeps them on if not do it just before she goes down for a nap. xx
  • Hi there Jenny P, my lo was 10 days late and her hands feet and ankles were that bad that I took her to the doctors, he told me not to worry as it was purely down to the fact that she was overdue, however, he did give me some Aqueous cream, which I applied, but only needed to do this for 3 days as it started to clear up on its own, I wouldnt go out and buy loads of creams as it will clear up on its own, and if after a few days she still has it, take her to the doctor and ask for some cream, at least then its free, but more importantly, if you are still worried your Dr can put your mind at rest.
  • hi jennie, jayden had this too but also on his belly and underarms too so dont worry hun, its perfectly normal for overdue babies, aqueous cream worked wanders and its so cheap

    Sam xx
  • Poppy was 14 days late and she had it too! I used Johnsons baby lotion and then when I realised she was licking her fingers I changed to olive oil. Hers lasted for about 3 weeks before clearing up completely.
  • Hi Jennie... My baby had this too. She came 1 day before her due date & the peeling skin lasted about 4 weeks. I used olive oil too & used to put mitts on her hands after applying it. Once the problem went from her hands & feet it moved to her eye-brows which looked really sore but HV said to carefully apply olive oil 3x daily. Hope this helps. xx
  • Hi hun,

    Shayla was 15 days overdue and she had this, it does go away i just gave her a bath every 3 days to start with as it dries their skin up too much otherwise and just put olive oil in it then if u rub olive oil into hands i put scratch mitts on her so she couldnt put them in her mouth.

    Hannah xx

    p.s- congratulations by the way xxx
  • Hi

    Like the other ladies my LO was overdue & had really dry, peeling skin. He also developed a rash which was eczema. I went to the GP and she prescribed Doublebass cream, its so mild I can even use it on his face. I use it after LO's bath and his skin is now beautifully soft and smooth.

    Hope you find something that works for you x

  • Thanks for all the replies people. I didn't realise this was so common.. thats definitely put my mind at ease. x x
  • Hi im having that same problem but my baby girl was born at 39 weeks and 3 day i have been puting lotion on her it seems to help a little bit but not to much of a difference.

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