Dropping milk at 8 months

Abigail is 8 1/2 months and has been gradually reducing the amount of milk she drinks, So far today she has had 3oz in her breakfast then 3oz at 9am then 3oz at 3pm. This is no where near enough. She is on 3 proper meals a day which I make myself so I know she has a good food diet, but just wondering if it's worth me giving her follow on milk (stage 3) if so how much does she need of this in a day. I've tried to call my HV but she has finished for the day and would like to know for tomorrow as I can organise it with the childminder.

Any advise will be great

Kelly x


  • My lo is just over 8 months, and we've been having problems with the amount of milk she's been taking too. We changed her to follow on milk when hubby couldn't get her usual milk at the local supermarket. I've found that reducing her food intake has meant that she now takes more milk. She is still on 3 meals & 2 puddings a day, but I've reduced her portion size.

    She used to take around 4oz in the morning, maybe another 4oz in the afternoon and maybe 5oz before bed (and would often vomit after this, or if she took more!). We are only on day 3 of reduced food, but it seems we have found a happy medium and she has been taking 5-6oz at each feed. Last night before bed she took 7oz-which I was expecting to come back up again (but it didn't!). She is also sleeping better now (we were having issues with night waking).

    Sorry if I've waffled a bit, but hope some of this makes sense and is of use to you xx
  • Hi Kelly. We're on follow on milk. The recommended amount up until 1 year is 17-20oz. It is a struggle with the 3 meals lo's aren't always hungry for it. Just make sure you are giving dairy in lo's diet, and you can always go down to 2 bottles, maybe morning and bedtime.

    James is still on 4 bottles a day! But because he takes most at bedtime and DF, they're not ones I can drop. xx
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