C&G follow on milk

Does your LO have this? What age did you put them on it? Did it give them icky nappies? Can you use your healthy start vouchers to buy it?

Iv changed Tyler onto C&G follow on milk (I bought a small tub) but hes now started waking up in the night with a dirty nappy. Is this normal?

Thanx ladies xxxxxx


  • Cameron has been on c&g follow on since 6 months cos he only has between 8-15oz milk so i thought the same as naz with the iron.
    he poos about 3 times a day and usually does one 1st thing in the morning when he gets up but not in the night! why dont you try c&g goodnight milk and see if that helps with the waking?
    dont know about the vouchers either sorry xx
  • Evie has been on it since 6 months and we've had no probs with dirty nappies (well nothing caused by milk!) If you've only just changed it could be a reaction to swapping? But also it could be the food you're giving not the milk, as I heard that giving anything fruity too near bedtime can cause babies to wake with dirty nappy.

  • Thanx girls xx xx
  • I moved Sophie onto the Aptimal follow on milk about a month ago. I weaned her on to it slowly by doing half and half with her other milk. This was fine for Sophie and she transitioned with no probs, gud luck hun xxx
  • Livs has been on this from 7 months. Had no probs so far. Livs has about 3 poos a day, but she just takes after her father and her sisters! lol!

    I also wana know what healthy start vouchers are ???
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