my son is now 8 months old, he should be crawling now shouldnt he?

i think hes gonna walk without crawling as he hates being on his tummy. any advice on how to try him to do it? i know they say they will do it when there ready. just like when he first sat up, i thought id try and see if he can it up now so i just put him on the floor and he did it there and then.


  • i thought my son wouldn't crawl now he NEVER stops lol he started about a month or so ago, he will be 1 next month, now he is pulling himself up and can stand quite well, he seemed to take ages to do anything now he's doing something new everyday, i just left him on the floor most of the day, he started by rolling everywhere then his knees started to come up and one day he just crawled really fast, was so cute!
  • bless, thanks. maybe i should try my son on the floor alot more he can roll but within minutes he'll cry as hes on his tummy. maybe mine will be like yours do nothing then all happens together.
  • Hi Izzy is 9 months and only started to move herself around, its more a spider crawl, she is on one knee and one foot!!! Dont worry cause I thought she would go straight to walking but she has figured it out now.
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