Ashton & Parson's powder making LO sleepy? Updated :)

Just wondered if anyone had had any experience of this? I gave it to Benjamin for the first time tonight - just a half - and normally he takes a good 30 mins to get to sleep, screaming if I'm not wandering round with him etc., but tonight he lilterally flaked out on my shoulder straight after his feed.... you think it was the powder making him sleepy, or did the powder take away possible teething pains, letting him fall asleep quicker?!?! I'm not even 100% if he is teething, he just was so miserable before bed that I thought I would give it a go. He's almost 4 mnths.

HELP!! I really don't want to be drugging him with something, which is why I went for A&P as it's herbal...

Thank you xxx

***Benjamin slept for 14 hours last night!! 7pm - 9am, waking at 4am for a feed! I think he would've slept for longer but I ended up going in on him as I got worried! Anyone else experienced this? Not sure if I should hive him the A&P tonight or not.....*** xx

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  • Hiya

    The ingredient in the powders is called Matricaria, which is from the Chamomilla family - or Chamomile which is very relaxing. The powder has a calming effect on the babies, it doesnt have any pain killer type properties, but kind of chills them out and relaxes them, hence why he went to sleep quickly! Even if he is not teething it will still have the same calming effect, although I am not saying you should give it to him all the time! lol !
    Hope that helps xx

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  • Thanks for that Lisalilypops! I know chamomile is meant to be relaxing but blimey....! image
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