well ladies i have yet another question :lol: ....i was planning on breast feeding my beautiful daughter ..however day 2 and my milk wasnt anywhere near in and sophia was sucking away really hard and hurting me ,i dont think i had her latched on right and its so hard cos i have HUGE boobs ....the hospital were not interested in helping me there too short staffed!!!.....so at 1 am i sent dan to tesco in
the next town 20mins away to get some formula and she is settling really well ....however now my milk has come in and YIKES my boobs are even bigger and i look like ive had them pumped up !! image although thats quite a good look :lol: they hurt loads :cry: ...so my question is how long will my milk take to dry up now and how long will they be sore for ....

thanks in advance of ure replies ladies

lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi Hun
    I never bf as my lo would not latch on. My boobs (are small - lol), but they started to really hurt about 4/5 days after birth. I just put my nursing bra on as it was quite comfy and not underwired and put cold wet flannels on my boobs in the evening. My mw swore by cabbage leaves but never tried it but I'm sure some ladies on here might have. xx
  • Hey hun,

    Remember that look, haha my nurse called me dolly parton - my boobs are a g!!

    Flannels are good but warm so to get some milk out without expressing (as this would make more) nice hot showers/baths too!

    I b'fed for 3 months, Amber is 5months now and I still have milk!! xx

    Oh I love the name Sophia Grace, might have to pinch that for the next one hehe xx
  • ooh well the day my milk come in i had a fright they felt like they had been inflated!! i kept my bra on for 5 days i was too scared to take it off i even had my bath in it. DONT GO NEAR THE SHOWER any stimulation near your boobs will encourage the milk . about five days and mine went back to normal
  • Just wondering if you are still considering bf her?
    Theres a lady whos on here, whos lo didnt latch on and she expressed for 5 weeks (!!) and only recently has he taken to the breast.
    Im still bf, but by the sounds of what the others have said it can take abit longer than a couple of days. Just wondering, if you say your breasts are on the large side, whether it is worth seeing if her latches on. Might keep them odwn in size? Tell me if im worng..I dont know as only exclusively bf...just thought I would throw the diea in image xxx
  • I just about managed a few days. Determination.....good on her though.
  • thanks ladies ....im not going to b/f now sophia is settling really well on the bottle and i feel like its for the best for all of us if we try and get a routine asap ....especially since jack is only just sleeping all night at 2 and a half !! :roll: ....i have found a bath works although i have to take my bra off at the last minute or i cant walk :lol: ..also my back is killing me now cos of the added heavyness image ...(im a j cup when i have no milk so i dont think there is a bra to fit them now :rollimage .......

    they feel a little less sore this morning so hopefully its drying now and i can be a small j cup again :lol:

    hope u are all well this fine sat morning

    lisa, jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi my doctor told me the combined pill can dry your milk up thats why i couldnt go back on it if thats any help?
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