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Hi GIrls this is an old thread of mine that I wanted to bring to your attention as obviously new girls on and have seen some of you are co=sleeping

i Girls, I wrote this thread quite a while ago but just wanted to bring it back to your attention as there are new girls on and also have seen that some have been co-sleeping.

Hvae cut and pasted...........

A couple of weeks ago OH and I had the scare of our lives and i wanted to tell you all about so you can see for real the dangers of co-sleeping with your babies!!

It was a Saturday Night and one of our twin girls (12 weeks at the time 7 weeks prem) wouldnt settle after I had fallen to sleep, so my OH decided to get her out of her cot and comfort her back to sleep. This went disastrously wrong when he accidentally fell asleep with her.

I awoke at 2.30 to other twin Ashlea screaming her head off (she was still in Cot) i looked across and realised Stevie was not in the cot i then noticed that she was face down in between my husband and I on the bed. She was grunting and there was blood coming from her nose and mouth and she was unconscious. I screamed for my husband to wake up and we tried to bring her round, which she wouldnt.

We were at the time unable to get any phone signal on our phones (we have new ones now) and so i had to stand outstide and call an ambulance for her, she didnt come round at all and was still grunting really bad.

The Ambulance arrived and said that they needed to get her to the hospital asap or else!!

we arrived at the hospital and 4 doctors were trying to put canulas in all at once but she was starting to close downm by this time she also had hypothermia and her blood sugar was dangeroulsy high because of the stress. they finally managed to get a canula and some fluids into her and thankfully she picked up.

we then spent the next few days in the hospital just checking her over.

this is a shocking story and i honestly believe that my darling daughter would not be here today of her twin had not woken us up,

I would strongly urge you never to take your babies to bed with you no matter how awake you feel if they wake in the night then get up and sit in an uncomfortable chair to feed them, to ensure that you stay awake.

We have been assured by our HV that there are not many parents who can honestly say they have not taken their babies into their bed at night but wihtout such horrid consequences.

Please think about this.

Sarah xx


  • OMG how awful and scary!! Thank god she is ok.
    I'm bf and everyone tells me how lovely it is to bring her into bed and bf lying down, but I daren't incase I fall asleep or she chokes and I'm not aware of it..... I sit up in bed propped up with pillows, with the light on and my feet out the end of the duvet to keep me awake, it is hard though not too nod off.
  • Hi Sarah, I appreciate that this must have been very scary for you. I'm really glad your LO is ok.

    For every person who has had such an awful experience, though, there are many more who have done it successfully and who find it a valuable bonding experience. I definitely see how it might be risky, but I'm afraid I'm not convinced it's any riskier than say, going skiing, which millions of people still choose to do despite the obvious dangers.

    I really don't think people need to see scary stories like this - they can weigh up the dangers versus the benefits for themselves and make an informed decision based on that.

    I hope I haven't caused offence but I think mums are made to feel guilty enough about the decisions they make, without other mums criticising their choices.
  • Hi PT

    Def agree with you. We co-slept our first and was fab, i think co-sleeping and fallin asleep with bubs is different though. Co-sleeping is controlled falling asleep with baby is very dangerous as seen above.

    I would never be offended with someone else opinion and like i said we co-slept with first but just wanted people to see what can happen when falling asleep.

  • how awful,so glad she is ok.Its each to their own but iv always been quite strict about my lo's sleeping in their own cots more because i didnt want to get them in the habit of sleeping with us xxx
  • Ok Sarah, I see :\) Glad no offence was caused.
  • i remember your origional thread hun and it sent shivers down me. After reading it I said to OH we are NEVER putting Tyler in with us! Glad Stevie is ok babe. xx
  • I too remember your original post and it was terrifying. Thank you for sharing your story. It has ensured I never bring Riley into my bed as I just couldnt fully trust that I wouldnt roll as am very active in my sleep. xxx
  • Hiya, I've seen some products if you really want to co-sleep with your baby, there are some which are lite a changing mat with a roll on either side and some which are like nests



    or google snuggle nest

    or try a bedside crib/cot

  • OMG!! how terrible im so glad stevie is ok now ......i totally understand u bringing this to everyones attention as this just proves how dangerous co-sleeping can be however.....i have to admit we did co sleep with our son jack for about 12 months ...he was such a terrible sleeper and we were simply desperate for some sleep and this was the only way ...i dont think we did wrong ...it was controlled...oh and i had seperate covers (thin blankets) we turned our pillows length ways so jack was in the middle on the mattress and he had his own sleeping bag on so was never in with us but he slept better from being closer to us ...i think if co-sleeping is controlled it is ok and like another post said there are things now to put in bed with u to prevent u rolling onto baby........

    in hindsite i dont think my oh or me slept properly for them 12 months anyway cos we were not fully asleep for this fear of rolling on him .........

    i hope this post makes us all think about investing in something to put in bed with baby if we are going to co sleep as the consequeces of it going horribly wrong are too scary to think about

    thank u

    lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • That must have been awful for you, glad that everythings okay now.

    I havent ever co slept with any of mine as I value my sleep and time alone wth oh too much. We took Nathan (9mths) into our bed on Friday as he was ill and it was nightmare as he's such a fidget, lol.

    Thank you for the post though, although none of us want to read sad or worrying stories I would much rather be prewarned than do something that might harm my lo. At least then I can make an informed choice which is better than living in the dark.

  • Hi after reading original thread i continued bringing baby to bed BUT since reading it I always planned it rather than falling asleep accidentally if that makes sense? I use spare bed and arrange pillows etc so he cant overheat/fall out/get squashed.

    Glad stevie is ok now

    tc see you in twins :\)

  • I always brought Evan into our bed when he was smaller but when he was about 5 months, we woke up and he had, had a nose bleed in the night think it was from over heating as he wasnt near me but quilt was by him and never done it since!!!
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