Feeling low about weight :( help!

Hello ladies.
As title says really, im feeling so low about my weight/body after having 2 children. i was lucky in both pregancies to actually have lost weight by the time id given birth but both times ive ut it on and more :cry:
Im now 2 stone heavier since having my daughter in december and my weight seems to be balooning. i have no energy and look like s**t in all my clothes. im so desperate to lose weight but find it so difficult. ive tried weight watchers and its not for me, there is just too much choice and i get carried away.
anyone else feel the same or also need to lose weight?
any diet recommendations?



  • im 11st and want to be back to 9st as i was before i had jayden. Im getting married in less then 7 weks and feel crap about myself most days.
    Ive cut out a lot of what i used to eat but i cant get motivated to excersise, tried the gym but my pelvis hurts still when i do anything strenuous so i gave up on that, i just so down hearted and wish i had a magic wand sometimes!
    Hope you get some good advice from the other ladies, sorry i cant help much xx
  • Is there a mum and baby exercise class you could go to? Or maybe a buggy workout nearby? I go to a mum and baby ex class once a week and while it doesn't do much for me in terms of weight loss and toning, I do always feel much better for it and I get even more inspired to push myself the next week! And the fact you can baby with you, makes it easier!! Or maybe try a DVD at home?

    I don't have any diet suggestions, I'm sat here with a massive bar of chocolate so I'm not really an angel in that department!


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