Not sleeping anymore!!!

Honestly every time I post something about Theo, he starts doing the complete opposite so hoping it will work this time!
Theo has decided that sleeping at night is rubbish and he isnt going to do it anymore.
We have a good bedtime routine, he has a bath, bottle and then goes straight down and is usually never down later than 7:30pm just because he simply cant stay awake past that time. He usually goes straight off to sleep but then come 1am, he is awake and is not keen on going back to sleep! When I go in there he is laying there wide awake and as soon as he sees me he smiles and starts kicking his legs but I just put his dummy back in and dont talk to him and walk back out but he will not go back to sleep! He gets really anygry and starts crying and just wont settle, he really kicks his arms and legs about and gets really cross and screams. I've tried controlled crying and I did it for 2 hours in the middle of the night. and it didnt work, he only went back off when I picked him up. If I do manage to get him back off he always wakes again about 3:30 and I feed him then and he goes back off ok then until 6. I've tried feeding him when he wakes at 1 but he doesnt want it. It seems to me like he's got himself into a habit of waking at these times because its always the same time and he does the exact same thing, question do I get him out of it? He used to be so good, sleeping through till 4:30am and then having a feed and going back off until 7:30-8am.
What do I do??


  • i would be greatful if someone can answer your question as your situation sounds very familiar to ours at the mo. Hayden used to go down 8:30-9pm ish till atleast 3-30 ish but for past few nights he has woken after half hour or so after going down and litteraly screams for the next few hours, kicking his legs waving his arms and even if i swaddle him he fights to get his arms free. i have tried feeding him again, changing him, (he likes to be naked so calms for a wee while) taking him into my room to let him lie on my bed and kick . it has litterlty got to him being exhausted before he will go down.
    love a tired fiona
  • Hey hun, how old is he? Evan is 7 months and doing this, im so shattered, but I just dont know what to do anymore! Evan wakes at 2am and thats it for 2 hours then wakes every hour after that. Is Theo teeting, I keep thinking it might be this with Evan but tried Calpol and medised and nothing working, along with bonjela etc.

    Sorry not much help but you aint on your own!
  • I hope someone has a good idea and helps out cos this is a bit like Archie. He wakes about 1 or 2 and he's not hungry he just wants to get up and play. He doesn't cry for food and if I sit by the crib and keep putting dummy in he eventually goes back to sleep. He wakes anywhere between 3-5 for food although recently nearer 3 most nights. Also wakes at 6.30 every morning regardless of when he was fed during the night. So annoying. I'm gonna have to get tough though as I'm knackered. S x
  • Tried replying to u earlier but guess the site is playing up for me again and the last reply is floating round lost somewhere. Well here i go again.

    Zacky is now 7 mths old and has taken to doing exactly the same. He wont sleep until between 1.30 and 2am. His bedtime is 9pm. We have hours of uncontrolable screaming until he tires himself out. We go into him when he screams and get the immediate smile and laughing. We put his dummy back in say goodnight and leave him to settle (he used to be really good at this). As soon as you leave the screams start again. I do not keep going back to him as I already know that nothing is wrong. But daddy can be a bit of a pushover.

    We moved Zacky into his own room in his 'big boy cot' last night and he was a bit better than the night before. Will see how he goes.

    When he was in our room we got to the point when we would just go to bed with him which has done us no favours at all. Cant do this now as his room is quite small.

    Zacky has been doing this for nearly 2 months now. Dont want to get to the point where I have to wake him up early morning just to get a routine back, but will do if i have to.

    None of this probably helps but didnt want you to feel that you were going through this alone.

  • Hi ladies.
    Its just so goood to know I'm not alone! All my friends babies seem to be sleeping till 4 or something now and I've felt like Theo is the only one doing this but its such a relief to know that other babies are doing it too. Has anyone else tried the controlled crying? Theo is in his own room but is still sleeping in his carrycot which he is really getting too big for now but we have finally got the right bolts to put the cot together so Robs doing that today and we'll see how we get on.
    Do any of you think it could be the dummy thats the problem? Everytime I go to my HV for advice about Theo's sleeping she immeadiatly says its the dummy thats the problem and we need to get rid of it, yet she was the one who told me to give him one when he was tiny!
  • Just to jump on the band wagon.... Ella has just started doing this too, exactly the same, used to sleep from 8 til 4 and now waking at 1, 3 and 6 wide awake and the only way i can get her back to sleep is by feeding her. she doesn't have a dummy and sucks her thumb instead.

    after being in tears at 4 am this morning oh and i have decided that she has been overstimulated by xmas and having both if us at home, so we a re trying a very calm day today and trying to get herself to put hersefl to sleep for her naps letting her cry for a min then going

    went ok for the first nap but now i'm sitting in our room trying not to cry while oh gets to to try to put herself to sleep! ahhhh!!!
  • welcome to the my baby doesnt sleep club! I know what you mean about crying while their going beserk. All last week I lay there crying, listening to Theo going ballastic. I agree with you about the xmas thing, Abby goes back to school tomorrow so we'll be back in our old routine of school runs and baby groups and rob will be back at work so hopefully that will help.
    The cot is up! Just put him in it to have a look and he seems quite happy to have so much space.
  • I do think the cot should really help him settle.
    to be honest 2 hours with controlled crying is too long IMO, I read somewhere that some babies cry to wind down (and then sleep) and for others, crying works them up which is prob happening with Theo.
    What I found worked with Gabe is have him sleep in my bed for a few nights just so he could sleep and kind of be reminded that mummy sleeps at night so Gabe should too. Then when he went back in the cot he seemed to settle better but I know a lot of people dont agree with this.

  • Can I join my baby doesn't sleep club??!! Please?

    Louise is nearly 6 months........and last night was the first time since she was 8 weeks that she only had 1 feed. BUT, she went to bed at 8pm, woke around 9pm, 10pm......had a little cry around 10.30pm and somehow then didn't wake till 3.15ish for a feed and then slept till 7.30am.

    Have you thought about doing a 'dreamfeed' to see if you can 'top him up; before you go to bed? It worked with Louise for a while but then it started unsettling her so stopped it.

    We had a couple of nights where she was sleeping some of the early hours in our bed and she just wouldn't let me put her back in her cot. We moved her into her own room a few nights ago, it seems to be helping as last night was an improvement! My dh always goes to her as we're convinced that she cries for a cuddle for mummy and want her to stop that!

    Until moving her into her own room I was totally exhausted, snapping at my fantastic dh and was also crying because I just didn't know what to do to get more than a couple of hours uninterupted sleep.

    I don't think the hype of christmas has helped, or me going out either, my dh also returns to work tom so we'll see if returning back to our normal routine helps!

    Lisa and Louise
  • well Theo was absolutley awful last night. He went down at 7pm and was whining all evening in his sleep, then woke at 11:30pm and I was up every 20 minutes between 11:30 and 4am I tried feeding him but he didnt want food. Then he woke at 6:30am and had a bottle and then went back down at 7 till I had to wake him at 8:20 to do the school run. I was in tears most of the night! I think being in his new bed unsettled him a bit plus his musical night light broke so I think all of that kind of threw him. I've given him so baby rice at 6pm tonight but he didnt want his bedtime bottle so going to try a dream feed at about 11. Fingers crossed!
  • that is weird... has theo been calling Ella to discuss tactics?
    thay seem to be doing the same thing. how old is theo? Ella is 4 months and i was reading somewhere that apparently 4 months is a major growth spurt that can really disturb them for a week or so.... so i'm hgoping this is what it is and that it'll only last a week.

    also am now trying pick up put down technique which seems to works after about an hour or so. Good luck with the dreamfeed. have to say when I tried it with Ella she just woke up more.

    this parenting thing is madness! good luck for tonight everyone!! will be thinking of you all...
  • havent been in ur situation yet touch wood! but i think its prob just a phase maybe?? so many babies seem to go through this at some time i hope he gets himself back into a routine. my friends child is 2 and going through a phase of waking at 4am and not going back to bed!! x x
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