follow on milk

can someone explain what to do!!!

I may sound abit thick but do you use this instead of the normal milk ( i am useing sma gold at the mo, lillian is 6 months old) or do you still use first milk and then at different feeds use follow on milk?!
I am thinking about useing follow on milk as not only is it cheaper but it also contains iron that they need around this age, I was very anemic when i was little and want to try and prevent it for my little one!!


  • bumping again with all the new topics coming upn lol
  • My HV said its just so they can advertise and babies can stay on their usual milk si In not going to bother with it!

    Milie was on Aptamil first and I switched her to the hungry baby one when she started weaning and Im just going to stay with this now!

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