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child losing weight

my 8month old had his development check on friday and hv is so pleased with him for what he can do. but his weight as dropped but dont know how he as 3 meals aday but not enough milk. hv says he should be on about 20oz a day now but he only has 2 4oz and 1 5oz he wont drink anymore refuses it.

is this y he could be losing weight?

hes not aloud dairy food yet as consultant thinks he maybe milk tolerance but we have tried him on little stuff here and there. could this be related? we are seeing the consultant on tuesday.



  • yes if ur child isnt drinking enough milk they always say give more dairy foods so u cant do that either! hope u can find out if u can give dairy or not soon. has he always refussed alot of milk? is that why they think its milk tolerance? my friends baby is 8 months and also will not have their milk anymore but thats ony becos he prefers his food and only wants to drink water! so i think she just has to give more diary and add milk to some of his foods xx
  • hi love how much has he lost we had problems with faith she milk tolerance the other week she lost 9oz in a week she mange to but 5 back how big is he now faith 8months and 14.11lbs she so up and down we now bin reffered to hospital as she lost the weight about 6 weeks in to using sma lf we not sure wont wrong with her. wont milk are they going to put him on good luck with it hope it works
    carrie faith
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