Sleep position help!

My LO will only sleep on her side, she's 6 weeks old so it means I stay awake to keep an eye on her and then gently roll her onto her back once she's asleep! On her back she only sleeps for a maximum of 30 mins before she wakes herself up! I've found some sleep positiners which enables baby to sleep on her side safely without the risk of rolling onto her front or back!

Has anyone used one? What was it like?

Will her sleeping on her side be safe? I know it's not recommended but I can't think of what else to do! Xxx


  • Hiya,

    My DS is 6 weeks old too and I'm having exactly the same problem (I posted on here a few days ago). After 2 weeks of having to get up and hold him through the night as he wakes after 20 mins of being put on his back I tried him on his side last night and he slept soundly and even settled himself to sleep after stirring. It may be a coincidence but I could I see a difference when watching him after putting him down.

    I'm going to see what happens again tonight and if it works again I think I will invest in a new monitor with sensor mats.

    My Little boy is nearly 12lbs at 6 weeks and is quite strong so I think before long he will be rolling on his side whilst asleep anyway as he is a little wriggler.

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