Nappies that last the night?

DD goes down at 7pm and normally has a DF at 10.30pm and wakes once more before she gets up at 7am. I'd prefer not to change her nappy at the DF as she doesn't really wake up, but if I don't change it when she wakes up at about 4am, she is totally soaked in the morning.

She has started to go through occasionally too, so I really need a nappy that will last all night. It's a real pain having to wash her sleeping bags every night!

Any recommendations? Huggies newborn and pampers baby dry can't cope!


  • We use adsa's own comfort dry ones & have never had any problems. Dd goes down at 7pm & sleeps through till half 8am. We don't df though. The nappy is full in the morning, but it has never soaked through

  • Well I was going to say huggies newborn work a treat for us. Sorry not much help x
  • My LO goes 7PM to 7AM without any wakings, so obviously I don't change her nappy in the night.
    We use Pampers Baby Dry (I know you said they don't work for you), try going a size up, then there shouldn't be any leakage?
    We also use Tesco own nappies, which keep her nice and dry too.
  • We use huggies at night, haven't had any probs with them so far...maybe try going up a size? That way you'll get more absorbency, otherwise I've heard tesco's own are good.

  • I use Aldi's own brand nappies - they're very full in the morning, but Sophie is still dry. They can also cope with all but the most explosive of poos. I've tried loads of brands and Aldi's have come out the best over all.
  • sainsburys eco do it for us!
  • The best nappies i've found for lasting the whole night are tesco's baby essentials. They are marvellous. Huggies Super dry a close second.

  • We like SammyHam use Pampers baby dry and they work fine for us. Our little one goes on average 7 hours a night and always wakes up with the nappy and contents intact. x
  • tescos own for us too - the baby essentials is what we're on. ds is fed about 7-7.30 and will generally sleep until about 8am. The nappy will be full, but so far no leaks!
    Have found them to be good with the big poos too.
    We quite like boots, sainsburys and asda own as well, but mainly buy tesco's
  • We've found asda's own comfort fit the best (6:30pm-7am). We've been through phases of dd waking up wet (boots own were particularly bad) but we found that going up to the next size-even if just for overnight-helped greatly. It is annoying having to strip them and wash everything every morning xx
  • the next size up of whatever nappy you use, they are big but work a treat!
  • Boots Baby Dry have never leaked on us in 12 hours x
  • Thanks all, seems different things work for different babies! I'll try getting the next size up for night time and see if that works, she just sneaks into the minimum recommended weight, so should be ok.
  • Sorry hun, I know it doesn't help you but we've always used Pampers Baby dry at night - and apart from a couple of occasions, they've been fine. Abby can sometimes go for 14-15 hours at night, and unless she poo's we don't ever change her until the morning. xxx
  • we were 4lbs under the next weight braket when we started but they did fit they just had tabs that reached quite far round the tummy and were far up the back
  • Hi - I tried everything (!) and found that Asda's Little Angels were the best for us image I also second getting the next size up as that def makes a difference too.
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