HELP! Chicco DJ Baby Walker

Hi ladies

Has anyone got one of these? I bought one for my little boy and have been trying to put it together all morning, it's taking a while!

In the instructions it says to insert the plastic rings of the padded seat into the slots located along the frame and ensure they are locked in, however there is no way of locking them in. Am I being thick? I just don't get it! :\?

Thanks xx


  • hiya i have this walker too i know wat u mean its a bit fiddly if u have the walker in front of u slot the rings through and pull them back towards you so they are flat they kind of lay flat against the slot stopping them going back through hope this makes some sense lisa x
  • Thank you it's sorted! You should have heard me trying to explain it to my oh on the phone, he was getting quite frustrated lol! xx
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