Too young for a cot?

Hiya Ladies.

Need bit of advice!! Jack is 4 weeks old tomorrow, and currently sleeping in his moses basket in our room at night, only problem is that he moves quite a bit and wakes himself up, which then wakes us up. He's a really long baby anyway, and we don't think it'll be too much longer before he is in his 'big boy cot' :lol: but do you think he is too young to go in it at the minute? We found that Kelsie slept a lot better in her cot, rather than moses basket. She went into her cot at just over 7 weeks. Have you had similiar problems? We can't think of another way around it!!

Garfield and Jack!



  • Gabe went in his cot at 6 weeks and only used the moses basket when we went away for the weekend. He slept so much better in the cot! I would try him in it, can't do any harm, xx
  • I put Tommy in his cot straight away hon - I didnt bother with a moses basket or anything and he settled in there really quick even though he looked soooo tiny after being in the hospital "fishtank" lol
  • I moved Louise at 6 weeks - I mainly wanted a moses basket so she could nap downstairs, but she wouldn't settle in it during the day!
  • you can put a baby in a cot from birth so Jack will be fine hun. Might take a few days to get used to it but he probably won't even notice! x
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