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hey ladies

well my little princess is starting to have more awake time during the day and was wondering what you would recomend toy wise for a very young baby only thing i have at the moment is her swing chair which she wont sit in for very long

leanne and Phoebe 2 weeks tomorro x


  • Hi Leanne,
    My LO is now 19 weeks, I would recommend any of the Lamaze range of toys, she loves them. They're brightly coloured, crinkle, rattle, squeak etc etc and they have teethers too.
  • I found toys with black and white patterns worked well... but at 2 weeks I honestly could not get my baby interested in toys really - you'll probably be able to hold her interest in one thing for a few minutes at most (sorry!)

    The things that my baby loved most in the early days were some photos of my nieces and nephew on my wall - he seemed to love all those smiley faces, especially at 5 weeks when he started smiling back.
  • My lo is only 5 weeks but loves her play gym - she kicks and thrashes about for ages amusing herself,, and I've fastened a mirror to it and she loves whacking the image of herself! lol (was a baby friendly one obviously lol, from Asda).

  • I second the lamazee range of toys, and also play mat. However If Sara is anything to go by I wouldn't get too involved 'entertaining' your LO - Sara used to get over stimulated and then be sooooo grumpy by the end of the day!

    Its great when they start to interact - enjoy every minute

  • My lo is 9 weeks old and his favourite thing is his fisherprice rainforest play gym. It keeps his attention as it has lights and sounds. He also loves anything that lights up. I have a couple of vtech toys that play music etc.

    Or he likes staring out the window and watching the tree move outside our house!
    I agree with the others though, anything brightly coloured and black and White. Don't bother with pastal colours
  • At that age, my lo was fascinated by lights. MIL has fairy lights around the picture rail in her dining room, and he loved looking at them! And a friend's baby loved twinkling lights on the Christmas tree at that age too. x
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