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hey, the booles that you need are called steri-bottles they are sold in mother care and asda. they are in a pack and are alreary sterile, and disposable but check what teat you pick up as there are 3 diffrent sizes. i have also seen a newborn starter pack in asda,with is the glass bottles the hospital normally surply. but i think they are only cow and gate so it depends what milk your thinking of. hope that helps.


  • yes you can buy disposable packs of bottles in asda babys r us and boots, i would recommend you buy some cartons of ready made formula too to make it easier than faffinf around with powder in hospital.
  • Hi hun,
    Thats awful that your hospital wont supply them.
    Tesco sell ready made disposible bottles of SMA.
    If you click on the link below it will show you what they look like and give you some info about them.
    I don't know if other brands do it though.
    Hope this helps hun,
    Amy xx
  • Hi
    If you are thinking of actually using ready sterilised disposable or re-useable bottles and teats for a longer period you might want to order it from companies that supply to hospitals. I ordered bottles from and medicare colgate. everything is sealed separately and easy to use. I think it works out a bit cheaper because there is 100 bottles in a box. the same with teats. Many hospitals provide little bottles of ready formula SMA, Aptamil, Cow and Gate, try asking in pharmacies in hospital or I aslo ordered some time ago sma ready bottles 24 in a box from ocado and and the teats from sterifeed fits the bottles strait away. Although I would reccomend breastmilk on the beginning.
    Hope that was useful.

  • Same policy at my hospital too - to encourage breastfeeding and supposedly ensure that bottle feeding mums are taught how to make up feeds and sterlise properly whilst in hospital.

    I bf'd but used the tommee tippee steri bottles (available in boots and mothercare) bottles with my dd1 for holidaying later on once I'd introduced some bottle feeds - she was about 7 months then though so I'm not sure if they do a new born teat/flow.... They were pretty good BUT once you screw the top on it won't come off and it is easy to not quite put it on right so it leaks everywhere but you can't take the top off to sort it out!!
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