Fingerprint jewllery

Hi guys,
Just wondered if any of you had used any of the companies that make silver jewllery from you lo's fingerprint impressions? If you have, what company did you use and where they good? How easy was it to take the prints?

I want to get some stuff done for oh and me for xmas but there are so manu different companies doing it that I am struggling to pick one!! Any recomendations would be gratefully received!
Kerry xx


  • Hiya Bedhead, I was looking at doing this too. I looked online and like you, didnt know which one to go for. There is one which does the footprint as well as a fingerprint which looked good. Would love to afford Dominic Walmsley ones, they're fab. An engraving place near to me said they would do it if I got a fingerprint for them. I did try, but found it impossible to get a print as Riley wanted to screw his hands up, then I couldnt press his finger onto the paper properly. In the end, I spilt all the ink onto my white bedspread (ooops) and had to confess to hunny what I was planning and get something else. Maybe next year for me! They do look great though.

  • Hi,
    It wasn't a company we used but we visited a place called 'The Ceramic Experience' near us (they have quite a few all over) and they make a little silver impression into a keyring or necklace in a teardrop or star shape. A friend had the teardrop necklace and it looked lovely and I'm getting one done for me and a keyring for oh for Christmas. Hope that helps. x
  • This may be no help - but there is a place in Alfreton, Derbyshire called David's Pottery, they make very good tiles for you, i love mine.
  • Well worth it but is a bit pricey. We got carried away with stuff for Christmas and spent over ??80! Our's does nice food and you can sit and chat with friends and get creative would totally reccommend it x

    i've just come across this website, they do hand and footprints on jewellery/keyrings etc aswell as fingerprints

  • I've used this company

    And was very happy with the service and charms x x x
  • It's brill isn't it? We did 4 photo frames, 2 mugs (for oh and me sadly to take back to work with us) a coaster for Grandad. I'm going back to his first Christmas bauble and a tile for his bedroom door. Thought I might give a piggy bank a go too! Glad you had a good time-I've warned my oh I think it could get addictive! x
  • my dads ordered me a gorgeous locket necklace for christmas with my lil boys fingerprint in...i got this from they even have a shop in a place called byfleet? dont know where it is but if you live near it id definately go have a look!
  • Funny you should say that Sammy&Jayden, I ordered some cufflinks and a charm from them yesterday! Got to go and pick up the impression kit from the post office in the morning as we were out this morning when it came. Their stuff was lovely, the prints looked clearer than a lot of other peoples and they seemed to have been around for a while.
    Unfortunately there isn't a branch of the ceramic experience any where near us, their stuff looked really good as well.
  • It was me that was trying to start my own business with finger print jewellery!!! image
    They toom my post off because they said i was advertising!!!
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