Why would LO lose her appetite?

Hi All,

I'm a bit worried by LO (Just as I was getting better at relaxing that she was fine!), and I wonder if anyone can offer any suggestions.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to stop BF (she was mix fed), weaned her off to purely FF. It made feeds so quick, she continued to demand food roughly 4 hourly as usual and she'd drain nearly the whole bottle in about 10minutes.

However since Thurs, she's suddenly decided she's not hungry. She hasn't emptied a single bottle, leaves a lot and in fact more than half in some of them. She still asks for her feed roughly 4 hourly as usual and starts well but then pushes it out and cries if I try to get her to take more. She's also become really fussy if hubby tries to feed her - he tried for 45mins on and off on Fri, gave her to me and she took it straight away!

In addition to taking less milk, she's strangely pooing more? She generally just does 1 a day, sometimes 2. But alongside this poor feeding, she's been going to toilet 3 or 4 times day. The poo is absolutely normal looking, just more frequent. So I don't think it's an upset stomach causing her problems?

I was already worrying as she is dropping the late 11pm feed without upping her volume at other feeds in the day. And last night having fed so poorly, she still slept 8:30pm to 7am. I'm sure those of you who are willing your babies to sleep through the night will tell me to stop my moaning, but this worried me.

Baby girl is just over 16 weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I may take her to clinic this week to discuss with HVs, but she's acting absolutely herself and happy, with the exception of feeds?

Oh why can't I stop worrying about her!!!


  • Didn't want to r&r. Just wanted to ask has ur lo just had her 16 week imms? It's just my lo has her 8 week imms on Thursday & has been feeling quite similar, not taking a lot from her bottle & sleeping more. At a couple of feeds she's only taking a couple of ozs & sleeping for 4 hours. She is also pooing 2-3 times a day rather than just once but she does seem to be happy & healthy otherwise.

    Jayne xx
  • Thanks for the suggestion Jayne, but nope, final jabs not till next week?xxx
  • Can't offer an answer but did want to tell you that you are not alone. DS is now 21 weeks and has decided not to take his bottle. Like your lo he will start okay then push it out and refuse it back in, on a good day I can get most of it in him eventually but sometimes it's just a no go and he's worse with hubby than with me. Last Tuesday he went to bed at 7 having had nothing since 2:30 in the afternoon and still slept through until morning. I've started weaning him so thought that might be it but on a "normal" day he will take 2 meals and 4 bottles.

    My DD (now 2 1/2) started to refuse her bottles at about 16 weeks and would scream if I got it near her I spoke to my HV as I was really worried but she just told me that as long as lo was happy, had plenty of wet and dirty nappies and was still putting on weight then not to worry just remove the bottle without fuss. Consequently with DS I am a lot less stressed about it and just think that if he was actually hungry he wouldn't sleep through.

    I think you need to mention it to your HV for your own peace of mind but I really wouldn't worry too much, I think they are just like us sometimes they have a hungry spurt and sometimes they just aren't interested.
  • Hiya,
    Just wanted to say my lo acted like this when the teat was too slow for her. She started ok then got fed up with it being too slow, and got fretty and fussy, (someone from here pointed it out to me) so I went up a teat size and all sorted!
    The pooing thing could be just her digestive development changing, my lo's goes up and down all the time, even now for no rhyme or reason!
    Hope this helps
    Lisa x
  • Thanks mummypiglit, that was good to hear. I think I will go to clinic tomorrow (or try to force myself to wait till Fri to give her a chance to settle back to normal). It's 2 weeks since I've been and they were happy with her gain last time, so told me I don't need to come back for 3-4 weeks...but I think I'll go to put my mind at ease like you say.

    Thanks for your reply Lisa, I don't think it's the teat size as she's using a combination of size 2s, 3s and vari flows already and it's the same with all teats. Interesting to hear that the digestive developments cause changes continually. I hope it goes back to 1 a day soon, I'm not a fan of the pooey nappies!
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