OMG :o

i don't know if i've mentioned it before but JJ is REALLY strong, the doctor and the HV have both commented on it...anyway, he usually sits on my knee to be winded with very little support so i tried an experiment today...he sat UNAIDED for 7 seconds!! He didn't even flop, he just leant to the side so i picked him up again! he's only 9 weeks + 5!


  • Jeez!! Youll have a right handle on your hands lol good luck with thatimage

    PS hes totally gorgeous!!
  • i have to wind him over my shoulder unless he's sleepy and i'm sure he's convinced he can fly when he's over my shoulder cuz he pushes with his legs and throws his arms out like he's flying lmao x
  • Wow clever JJ

    Alex & Evie xxx
  • bless him! thats great!
  • Amber is just the same hun she sits for a few seconds before flopping to the side he he!! She keeps rolling onto her side too is scary she wants to do so much. She is not happy unless she is standing up holding onto me. My hubby has been away for the week, came back and couldnt believe she was rolling onto her side???? OMG!!!
  • honestly, my child can fly :lol:

    JJ seems to have no interest at all in rolling, when he's on his back that's where he stays, he just wriggles lol x
  • Lol, don't let him near any kryptonite! xxx
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