Nappy Wrapper?

Hi all

How many of you have bought a nappy wrapper to use and / or have used one in the past and got lots of use out of it?

We think we have decided not to go with re-useables anymore so now I'm wondering if we should get the nappy wrapper instead?

They are a tenner in Mothercare... but a tenner could be spent on something else if its really not needed!

Thanks everyone,
Joo xxx


(posted in pregnancy too)


  • we got one from hubby work for a fiver. we dont use cause when you turn the handle to wrap the nappy, the bag material splits. easier to use nappy sacks
  • we picked up cheap bins with lids and put one in the bedroom and one in the living room. OH empties them every morning before work. Have found nappy bags useless for hiding the smell though so pop really stinky ones straight outside!!
  • We bought one but it does tend to smell even whrn bleaching it. We use the Bounty free one in her nursery for just wee ones and the TT one in the bathroom for pooey ones. If they are only a tenner you could buy one but then you have to keep buying the cassettes which aren't cheap. Tbh don't think they are worth it really.
  • I've got a nappy wrapper and i think it's one of the best things we bought. Because we live in a flat it's not easy for me to pop out to the wheely bin each time he goes, and in the early days he did poops after every feed (about every 2 hours) so i would have been up and down a lot!! I've had no problems with mine, never had it split, only need to empty it every few days, and even his really stinky explosive ones are contained in there - and we have our changing station in our bedroom so trust me if it smelt we would know about it!! There's also always somewhere that has the cartridges on offer too so it doesn't work out too expensive. It was one of those things i bought because mothercare had it on offer and wasn't convinced i'd use it, but now couldn't live without! x
  • We've got one now and really like it. It keeps nappies contained and is easier to get nappies into rather than faffing with nappy sacks every change. Highly recommended and the latest one in mothercare for ??9.99 is relatively stylish. It also does take the older style casettes so all good. Asda have the replacement cassettes fir ??10 at the moment (0-6mths), last time at the end of the baby even they went down to ??7.50.
  • Hi I got a nappywrapper and used it at the top of the stairs for los nappies in the night,as during the day i just put them straight into the outside bin.
    I only used the nappywrapper for about the first few weeks and i did find it still smelt,emptying it was not pleasent lol
    I personally would not bother again...I live in a small house and it is easier to just pop nappies outside,course my lo is a toddler now so dont go through as many nappies and none in the night.
    Possibly just use a normal swng bin and nappy sacks for upstairs/nighttime and empty daily,already saved a tenner ha ha
  • Like Jamdonut I'm in a flat and use our lots cos it would be a nightmare to go to outside bin after every poop. I love it. It's definitely in my top 5 things I've bought for baby. We have the TT one and yes it's a pain getting the cassettes but they are always on offer somewhere and so far we've had no problems with smelly nappy bin etc. Despite Archie trying his hardest with frequent smelly poops. S x
  • we got the free one from bounty but to be honest we just use scented swing bin linners in it works just aswell but alot cheaper. xxx
  • I use the free bounty one to, I find it really handy because I change him upstairs in his bedroom.

    Thank tamarabell for the swing bin liners idea!
  • no probs hun, just make sure that they are clipped under the lid properly - we got some the other day that were only ??1 for 50 sooooo much cheaper than the cassetts and work just aswell! xxxx
  • i got the one for a ??5 with the voucher form the hospital bounty pack, and there hasnt been a nappy change in this house when it hasnt been used, i dont know what i ever done with out one for my older two, when i had the older two i used to take the nappies outside after every change as i hated having them in the house, but now i just need to go it every couple of days x
  • I have the TT nappy wrapper and to be honest since Zack stopped having night feeds and early morning feeds we havent used it. Just put nappies straight in the bin instead.
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