blond vs brunett?

what hair colour do u think best suites me? at the mo its brown but thinking of going blond again, it will take 3 hair dyes to get it blond and will be a slightlyt ginger for a while(which i dont like, no offence to anyone that is) is it worth me dying it?


  • ????what do u guys think arrrr dont know what to do!!
  • I like dark on you better, much more interesting, and gives good accents on your features.
  • i think both, but if i had to - id sway to blonde xx
  • You look nice both ways - BUT if I had to sway one way I would say I prefer the blonde.

  • i think you look nice either way, but i think brown at the mo and maybe blonde in the summer? xx
  • I prefer blonde! But it may also be the haircut - as I think it suits you to not have a fringe.
  • i dyed my hair brown when i was 12 weeks pregnant has i wanted a change and thought i looked more mumsy lol but now jayden 6months im trying to ge my figure back and thought going back blond,, just a bit put off bu the ginger bit,

    yeh i dont like the fringe either, its nerly grown back out tho.
  • I prefer the blonde! Could you maybe get some highlights put in while you grow out the brown? They might not go as gingery!

  • I prefer the blonde also..but dark looks good on you too and i always think dark makes hair look and feel in a better condiction!maybe have some light high lights put through instead of full head blonde?
  • I think the blonde looks really nice - but your wedding day is always going to be the day in your life when you look most beautiful.
    Highlights is a great idea, and you can avoid the ginger look.

  • i find with kids around it better to go with something thats not going to take a lot to keep up, and i found that when i went blond keeping up with the roots took forever and a lot of time i just didnt have anymore x
  • i like both, im really blonde and im bored now and going dark this weekend ahhhh is only semi so will come out easy if i dont like it my friends a hairdresser whos doing it so hopefully wont go wrong..... i get bored with my hair even though it will prob look better blonde oh well!! i like a change!!
  • brunnette definately brings out your features more, especially your eyes!!! xxx
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