Your opinions on calpol calpofren?

For the last week i have been giving toby 1.5 mls calprofen a day and 5mls of calpol this is always in the late evening to settle before bed as before that i used teething powders, absenol, distraction (apparetnly me salsa dancing with his maracas helps!)

Bit even though i am no where near the stated allowed dose i do use it regularly - is this normal - do you all do this too?

Thanks x


  • Hey hun,

    Most days my dd will have one or two doses of calpol. If she is really distressed and i have tried everything else i give her some calprofen before bedtime. I don't see any issue with using it once or twice a day. It is there to help relieve the pain and discomfort your lo is in.

    I don't know where i would be without calpol and calprofen! lol

  • When Dylan was ill the week before Toby I was told to dose him up with both calpol and calprofen by doc, once his temp came down I stopped it (only as he didn't need it anymore) tonight however I think his teeth have been bothering him as he screamed in his sleep during his nap then cried solidly for 30 mins with no soothing him (this is more or less unheard of for him) has very bumpy gums and has been knawing on anything he can get near his mouth (including bizarrely my kneecap!) If he wakes in the night i'll give him more as it worked he stopped sobbing (heartbreaking :cryimage

    To me sounds like your doing best thing for your gorgeous boy, hes been poorly and is now possibly teething poor man needs it more than likely xxxx
  • Use it if necessary. You are within guidelines and won't do him any damage. He is happier with it hopefully and therefore it's good. Just watch for constipation when giving painkillers as it's common. I usually give calfig at same time it's just a liquid form of prunes or something like that. Means you won't run into trouble. My little girl when ill gets all she needs to max dose and when better it stops and she's 3 now and no ill effects. Z of course refuses medication as he does everything except bf image x
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