how long does lo stay in cot?

jayden 7 months now and cann stand up in his cot, and walk along his cot holding on to the sides, but he falls back and hits the other end and also he starts smacking hi head on the top off is cot! it scares me too death coz hes always hurting his self and im scared off him knocking his self out!! does any one eles have the same problem??


  • I haven't got this problem yet as Gabe doesnt do much yet at 8 months however I would try not to worry as it's how he'll learn. Maybe a cot bumper would help or some foam to put on the rail? xx
  • Do you use a sleeping bag at night? My brother said that it was great for his step son when he was in his cot as he couldn't get into a standing position in it.
  • Poppy always slept in a sleeping bag until she stood up and walked around her cot but then it just made her trip up and fall even more!
    He'll soon learn that he'll fall and will become more careful - cot bumpers probably aren't the best idea as they could easily become tangled round his neck if he did fall. I'm afraid it's just a case of waiting for him to learn!
  • yeh he sleeps in grobags and still stands up, hope he learns soon it scares me too daeath lol x
  • my lo is a year now and i know what you mean - like tonight he wouldnt go to sleep and he stands and falls and bumps his head and gets in right state.... he has cot bumper at top of cot but makes no difference as he ends up standing in middle of cot... hes in sleeping bag but can still manage to stand!

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