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Hi everyone.

Im going to visit a pre school tomorrow to start DD next October and was just after some advice on what to look for and any questions i should ask. This is the first one we are going to see. I have read the ofstead report which is great and have had aome good reccomendations from friends but im just not sure really what to expect.

Also what age did you or are you planning on your LO starting if you are planning on sending them to pre school? I wanted to start Grace when she is two as my mum will be looking after her when i go back to work next week and i would like her to have interaction with children her own age after spending the year with my mum. Do you think two is to young?

Thanks for your help
MicMic and Grace


  • Nah, I think 2 is just fine. My son will be 3 in December & he goes 3 mornings a week. I think it's great for their social side.

    Ask things about:
    1. Their menu - what do they eat & is food included or do you have to do a packed lunch.

    2. Do they give you daily feedback? A sheet of some sort?

    3. The thing that's always most important to me, is to know how many kids can be in one class. I don't want it to be too crowded.

    THere are lots more questions, just can't think of it all now.
  • what venus said and also do they follow any sort of curriculum??? believe it or not a lot do follow some loosely and it can be interesting for your child if they have wee themes throughout the year EG: seasons, the world around us etc etc

    Do they have any 'visitors' to the nursery, teh aquarium, hedgehog rescus, farms, joe jingles etc etc all made wee visits to my sons, the fire brigade the police etc etc

    I always ask what their discipline rules are time out, naughty seat etc etc not that your lo will be naughty lol but it's good to know what they would do if such an invent occurred in case it's against your own views xxx have fun! xx
  • i personally think 2 is a great age to start. they get to learn how to sit down nicely in a group and socialise with new children. my son is 3.5 and has been going for over a year, he does 4 mornings a week.
    I would ask about -
    Meals, is there a cook or do they get the meals in?
    what snacks?
    How many members of staff there are at a time?
    Do they have a garden - i think this is essential.
    How much will it cost and how do u pay - as u go or in advance?
    i would also ask to see where LO would be, see if its clean, ltos of toys, what the staff are like etc.
    hope that helps
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