Relationship falling apart??

~I'm sorry to be having a rant - but you ladies are always here when one of us is having a hard time or feeling ready to kill someone!

My OH works 12 hour shifts 4 days a week so i tend to be primary carer for our 5 and a half month olddaughter (which i'm more than happy with) to be honest we get on faster and better on the days that he is at work.
Today he wanted to go for a walk with our LO just on his own - no problem with this and i was happy for him to. I said the usual thing, like make sure she has sun cream on and that she is shaded from the sun and that was it. He said that i make him feel like a bad father ( i'm her mum, i don't mean to nag him!! - i just try to help him with things he doesn't know as he misses it)
He said that maybe he sould leae for a few weeks and see how i would cope as a single mum... i was angry and told him i practically am anyway. I didn't mean it. He shouted at me to F*** off and slammed the door really hard scaring our daugher half to death
He stomped out of the house to the car, but i hate the thought of him driving when mad so i went out to try and stop him, i happened to have out LO in my arms and i went at me several times with the car! I find it hard to believe that someone who loves me would act in this way. Since our LO was born things have probably been different, it was always going to be. But i'm starting to think we'd be better off apart. Sorry to go on like this but i'm really hurt and felling low xxx

Meg xx


  • Hi, I understand how you feel, my oh says that I make him feel like he doesn't have a clue sometimes cos I tell him how to do things or suggest how to stop him crying when he's irritable. I probably sound like I think he doesn't know what to do but I'm only trying to be helpful. I think it's because he feels that way himself as he doesn't get to spend as much time with lo as he'd like.

    Things are bound to be more strained than before as lack of sleep and personal time and stress really don't create a harmonious atmosphere!!

    Don't worry about arguments, everyone has them, no matter how perfect their relationship!

    Hubby was ill a couple of weekends ago and I couldn't really cope looking after him and baby and made me realise how much I need him!!

    People do silly things when they're mad - if we argued before we had baby I'd get mad if he walked out but that was just his way of dealing with things, he doesn't do that now - I did it back once but now we try and talk about things before they get out of hand.

    You will probably feel better about things in the morning! xx
  • Hey, feel better already, but still think we need to sit down and talk things through when they happen. He walks away and i don't back down lol. Thanks hun xx
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