Does anyone have this...! Bumper - Airwrap Mesh Cot Bumper.htm

The Airwrap mesh cot bumper? Our LO is waking a lot through moving around in his cot and banging his head on the side or top of the cot as he always manages to wriggle up to the top!

We've never had bumpers as everwhere always says 'don't use cot bumpers!' but someone recommended these on BE a little while ago and I was just wondering mainly if they were padded or just a mesh to stop arms and legs coming through the bars!

Many thanks for your help!!!


  • I don't have them, but may well when lo moves into his cot. From what I remember about the posts, they're very good. They are a mesh, so they are breathable. Plus lo can't get legs or arms through, or try to climb on them! HTH. xx
  • I've been wondering about these too. I've read good reviews but we have a cotbed so the head and foot of the cot are solid wood panels and Dylan keeps banging his head on these in the night. It doesn't seem to bother him but he must be doing it with quite a force as it makes a hell of a noise.
    Would be interested to know if anyone has any ideas/recommendations too.
    Jo x
  • honeyboo, you can use these for cot/cotbeds with solid ends too. But doesn't solve your head bumping issue. xx
  • Thanks ladies!! I'm thinking good thing for the climbing aspect as we've had to put cot on lowest setting today as he can now pull himself up in it!

  • Thanks sugarpuff!! That was my main concern so I think we shall get them ordered.....!
  • toby is 8 months and we have had them for 3 weeks and they are awesome - brilliant purchase x hth
  • they are good and worth buying. They are lightly padded and breathable which is great in this hot weather. they don't allow LO to climb up/out of cot which is one of the problems with conventional cot bumpers (as well as the breathable aspect).

    However I've found they're not very high, not as high as it looks in the pic anyway. They're about half the height of my conventional cot bumpers. Also we have a cot bed with solid ends, and there is nothing to cover that area. So I have had to use conventional bumpers around each solid end of the cot and tied around the front/back, and the airwrap bumpers down the sides. it's not ideal but works ok and stops LO from bumping his head at all which is the main reason I bought them.
  • I also bought these recently and we are using just the piece that goes on the side section od the cot (the bit that can go up and down) - this is separate.

    We're not using the bit that goes around the other three sides as we have a cosatto cot (continental sized - 120 x 60) and the airwrap is far too long. The velcro just doesn't match up.

    Luckily my LO only rolls one way so it isn't a problem at the moment, but she has started to move up and down the cot so we may soon be looking for something.

    Other than the size issue they're fab, but just be careful if you have a continental sized cot.

  • airwraps are great, i would find my lo with his legs hanging out the cot whilst asleep, airwrap doesnt allow him to do this anymore and it can be breathed through if your lo rolls against it in the night, not very padded though. also doesnt allow them to use it as leverage to climb out the cot. i too had a problem with it being too long and ended up sewing the last part together as velcro didnt extend far enough, i will get round to buying velcro one day and sewing this on as at present i cant take it off and wash it without having to resew each time.
  • Thanks so much ladies! They definitely sound like a good buy xxx
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