off topic, estate agents out there?!

when renting what do i need to give? a months rent, deposit? waht else? sorry i no its off topic but the net isnt helping! and i have to remind myself. for exmaple if a proprty is 750pcm what do i need?


  • Hi

    I'm not an estate agent but whenever I've rented it's been a months rent + a months rent as deposit
    so if u pay ??750pm you would give ??1500

  • It is usually about double on months rent when you first sign the tenancy etc. My rent was ??450 at the time, and deposit was one and a half months so we had to pay ??1125 up front
  • Our deposit was 6 weeks rent and we had to pay a month's rent in advance. You may also have to pay a letting fee if you let through an agent which is usually one week's rent.

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  • thank girls.x
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