Crawling backwards!!!

Amazed at my lo today. She was lying on her tummy on her mat and decided to crawl backwards. More of a shuffle than crawl but she moved a good foot in a couple of minutes.

She has always been strong but is only 14weeks!!! She can also roll from her tummy to her back and is starting to roll onto her side from her back.


  • Wow! what a clever little lady! :lol:
    14 weeks thats quite impressive! Max is 6 1/2 months and is crawling backwards now I put him down on his tummy and when I looked down at him he had shuffled all the way round and was facing the other way! Its so funny xxxx
  • What a clever little lady - 14 weeks!!!
    Sam is 6 months and doesn't want to rollover even never mind crawl!!!!
  • WOW! what a clever little girl well done! Harry is 6mnths now and crawls backward, has now managed to get on hands and knees and rocks backwards and forwards too just cant seem to work out the rest just yet. Although he has started doing proper little press ups too! xx
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