Icandy Apple - worth it??


I'm only 13 weeks but have decided to start thinking about what kind of pram I would like (we won't buy it until closer to time). The only one I've seen so far that I really like is the Icandy Apple but have had a sharp intake of breath at some of the prices I've seen - taking account of the extras such as carry cot, car seat etc.

I'm just wondering what your opinions are if you have or have had one - are they worth it?

Also what's the cheapest you got it all for? Is it worth looking on ebay?

And lastly are there any other makes out there that have a similar look and design as the icandy apple?

Thanks for any advice



  • I love my apple x

    Alex is nearly 16 weeks and we use it every day it handles really well and looks great x I would say that it's quite heavy and big but we don't have a car so it's hardly ever folded down x

    We decided on the apple because it can convert to a double if we have another baby soon x

    In the end we got ours from john lewis and for the whole lot excluding car seat we were ??560 x I think that independent retailera might do you a better deal but we left it late to buy x

    Good luck in deciding and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x
  • Hi there,

    I love my apple too! I would definitely recommend it, though only if you have space for it - like babybum says, it is big and heavy - we have big cars & so just keep it in the boot out of the way which works well for us. It handles brilliantly, looks great & Benjamin (who is 3 months old) seems to love it! The only negative I have found so far is the parasol which is a pain in the bum, but I think that is a universal problem with parasols.

    I think whether or not it is worth the money depends on how easily you can afford it - if it is going to leave you short of money then I would say you can probably get prams which are pretty much as good for less money. However, if it just means that you will miss out on a few luxuries that month then I would say it is worth it....

    I hope that doesn't sound intrusive, that's just the way I would judge it. We got ours from John Lewis too but I know you can get it for less elsewhere, but that's just somewhere local to me (Manchester). The pip adaptor was the clincher for us as we don't want a huge gap between #1 & #2 (if we're lucky enough to have a #2) and they look amazing as a double!

    Good luck & enjoy your pregnancy,

    Ruth x
  • Thanks for the replies.

    The size isn't a worry as we have 2 big cars ( a freelander and an estate) and I too like the fact it can become a double buggy in the future.

    We can afford it by just giving up a few luxuries but I'm the kind of person who hates spending lots of money on things if I can get the same for less (I'm a proper skinflint!!).
    I've seen one other that I like which is the babystyle oyster and for pram, carrycot and car seat it is about ??400 but I can't seem to find a 3 wheel version (we want the apple jogger as do a lot of walking and running).

    Think I will keep looking to see if there are any other similar designs I like the look of but I keep going back to the apple.

    By the way - what's the main differences between the cherry, peach and apple??

  • A quick reply but YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DD is almost 9 months, we use it every day and I have absolutely no plans to trade it in for a stroller.
    Yes, it's a bit bulky when collapsing it but as you've got a Freelander it'll be fine (we've got a Disco 3 and my Mum's got a Freelander and no problems at all).
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

    Believe me I've bought some rubbish, but this was one of my best purchases!
  • I would say "Yes". However, I have found that using it as the jogger, when around town, it sometimes can be heavy to balance on the front wheel when going up and down kerbs/ steps all the time etc. I got angry as I tried to buy the stroller wheels for the Jogger, only to be told that you can't do it that way, but if you buy the stroller first, you can buy the jogger wheel as an extra and have the versatility of both when you need them, I kicked off in a big way as I wasn't told this and my supplier actually managed to buy me the stroller wheels as "spare parts" so I now have both and use the stroller wheel about town and the jogger for off roading. In view of this, I would advise anyone to buy the stroller then get the jogger wheel as an extra if you want it! Yes, the pram can be heavy but it also feels strurdy and the massive basket is brilliant for all the stuff I cart about with me!!
  • I didn't like the icandy apple at all and replaced it with a bugaboo cameleon which was the best thing I ever did. It is brilliant, I would highly recommend it.
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