When do babies go from two to one nap?

As the question says! my DD has just turned 7 months and has two naps a day. I know it's early for her to be having one nap a day, but I was just curious as to when babies naturally start going down to one nap a day



  • My boys are 11 months and still have 2 naps (although up until a month or so ago they were having 3!)

    They have approx 45mins in the morn and 2hrs ish after lunch.

    Sorry, not much help!
  • Lizzie ius 8 months and all this week she has had just 1 nap but tbh i would rather she had 2 but shes just too nosey!!! im 99% sure dd1 was alot older when she dropped a nap so im hoping lizzie will go back to 2 naps!
  • we are just over 8 months as still have 2 they are just shorter x
  • I honestly can not remember it seems like forever ago (dd is almost 2) but i do remember she was still having a short afternoon nap at 11 months old as we got married then and she was so grumpy as she had to miss her nap with the wedding been at 3pm but im not exactly sure when it was dropped all together! xx
  • the little girl i nanny'd was about 13 months when she dropped the morning nap and started having lunch early at 11.45ish and going down at 12.15 for about 2 hours (sometimes 3 if she was really tired!)
    My LO is 9months and he has 1/2-3/4 hour in the morning and up to 2 hours in the afternoon at 1ish...long may it continue!
  • Grace will be one next week, and for the last month or so she has been only having one nap a day. It's usually 1-1.5 hours in length and starts at about noon at home, or 12.30 ish when she is at nursery!

    Em xx
  • My little one is 13 months and still has two naps - 40 mins in the morning and 1 and half hours at about 1pm. She must drop the morning one soon? X
  • Looking like it's a year old or older! Suits me, I get so much stuff done during nap time!!
  • My LO is approaching 9 months and for the first time ever, has only had 1 nap today and that was this morning for an hour. I can't believe he's gone from 11.30am through to bedtime at 8pm without any sleep. I did try and put him down a couple of times but he just wasn't having any of it. Can't believe this is the start of it, I thought it would be a long way off yet!!
  • Shortly after her first birthday. Before that she would have 2 sleeps/day of about 45 mins each. Now she has one big one (up to 2hrs - HOORAY!) directly before or after lunch. Unless we go somewhere in the car when she can sometimes be persuaded to nod off again, but it's usually just a catnap.
  • Wow, I have a lazy boy!! DS is almost 14 months & still has 2x 2 hour naps & 12 hours overnight.
  • My DD will be 11 months next week and for the past 2 weeks has dropped to one nap a day. It's always around 1.5 hours but can vary between morning or straight after lunch (all depends what time she wakes up in a morning). I thought i'd have a long time of 2x naps a day but no chance!!!!
    She's a happy thing though, goes to bed at 6.45pm and sleeps pretty much 12 hours so I can't complain
  • ds didn't drop down to one nap until 14months, and then (and still is) is a long one, he used to sleep from 10.30-12noon and then again from 3-4.30pm, but since dropping down to one at 14months he sleeps 1/1.30pm-4/4.30pm, so a good 3 hours and even then sometimes i have to wake him lol, he's 17.5months now and sleeps 8pm-7.30am too (although today he was very kind and didn't wake until 8.30am image )hth x
  • Im of the understanding (from the Baby Whisperer) that the transition from 2-1 naps can start from 10/11 months but they wont actually drop the 2nd nap until between 12-18 months... so the transition can be short or long (with some days having 2 naps (with undertiredness) and others having 1 nap (with overtiredness)! )

    My son is 9 months and recently changed his nap pattern from having his 2hr afternoon / 1 hr morning nap to a 2hr morning / 1 hr afternoon nap. I find this more manageable for the transition that's ahead cos his morning nap should gradually become later and later (as his activity time lengthens) until it is around lunch time, and his afternoon one should then drop. That's my theory!! He will probably blow it all out the window no doubt!
  • My ds is almost 16 months and still has 2 one hour naps a day, except at nursery when he refuses to sleep at all!! x
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