Boys worry or not?

Hi,I now have 3 little boys and I'm slightly concerned about one of their willys. My 3 yr old and one of the twins both have what I would class "normal" ones,like a little sausage with reasonably loose foreskin (so you can easily clean inside when you need to.) But Ethan has a strange shape,getting narrower at the end and when hubby tried to ease his foreskin back it seemed tight and only moved a teeny bit. Is that normal or should I be asking the health visitor?

K x


  • How old is the lo with the problem hun? If he's very young don't try and pull the foreskin back just yet, it might just not be ready and might grow into itself if you know what i mean?! But if you think it's a prob get it checked out with the gp, sometimes little boys foreskins can be too tight and it can cause problems, other times it's left to it's own devices if it's not causing any problems with peeing or cleaning xx
  • I was told not to clean under Oscar's foreskin until he was at least one. Oscar's bits sound like the one you're worried about, although I've never tried to move it and no one's ever mentioned anything odd about it.

    I forget how old the twins are but your doctor or health visitor should have checked their bits over at their 6 week check and would have raised any concerns at the time.

    Hth xxx
  • Take him to the DRs/ HV but dont pull back the foreskin. It can be very painful for them and could leave their bits open to infection.

    Hope all is well hun xx
  • Hi my second eldest boy Lewis had to have his foreskin removed last year he was 4. my dr said it wasnt a concern about pulling the foreskin back til they were about 4/5 but lewis was getting constant infections and it often swelled up like a balloon and leaked pus! unless its doing anything like this or hurting him then i wouldnt be concerned until he's older (5/6)
  • Oh thanks,I'll ask at their 6 week check next week! I never knew you're not supposed to do it,they sometimes have poo on their willys and i'd hate to think i'd not cleaned it all! x
  • my oldest son had a foreskin stretch op when he was 5 s his foreskin did not move at all and when he peed it would inflate and leak for ages after which did cause some problems. but i didnt notice anything odd till he was about 3 or 4. leave the foresking alone just now and if its does not improve with age then they can fix it.
  • You really mustn't pull back their foreskin, like Elaine says it can be painful and can cause infections. If there is poo left that you cant get just bath them. It comes off easily then.

    Mention it to their HV when you next see her. They'll be able to advise what to do.

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