FAO Gemmiebaby...

...I quit my job today!!!

Thank you so much for all your support and advice over the last year, I whinged so much and you've always been brilliant! I'll miss the kids SO MUCH, seeing them all today when I went in just completely reminded me why I love teaching, but I know it's the right thing to do so I can be a happy mummy and put lo and hubby first. It's scary as I haven't got a job to go to in September, but it's liberating as I know we'll manage. There's apart time job I'm going for, and more will surface as we get closer to half term.

Hope you and the boys are well!

Em x x x


  • whoop whoop g/c sorry but VERY pleased for you! image
  • YAY...well done hunny! I cant imagine how difficult it would have been. After all, often our job isnt about paperwork and management, but we put up with all the crap for the sake of our children! (School children I mean!)

    I hope you feel good about this. They have made your pregnancy, and first few months with LO, difficult, and that isnt right!

    Must be a day for it as I had a go at my head today! lol! Not in quite the same way but he really needs to grow a pair! lol! Long story!

    Brilliant news hun...enjoy knowing you have made the RIGHT decision and you are doing what is best for LO, and hubby...AND YOU! xxx
  • G/C don't know your story but my school isn't the nicest and I don't plan on going back once maternity leave is up!

    Hope you find a job soon for September. There are quite a few part time ones about in my LA at the minute.

    Good luck! xxx
  • Thank you girls!

    I'm going to look round a school next week, and keep my eye out for any other part time jobs that turn up.

    Gemma - what did your head do?? I need distracting from a job I have to do today that I'm putting off, so do tell if you can!!!image

    Em x x x
  • Not much. Basically, im in a school where we are split in 2. 2 teachers, myself and 1 other, are vey creative, love the new topic curriculum, want a flexible timetable/planning, the other 3 are rigid and cant suvive a day without set plans, hour lessons and a rigid timetable. Unfortunately, while the 1 teacher like me has her own year group class, I share with one of the others, who is also the deputy. She has set up random groups, lessons and mixed classes since I have been gone which are just ludicrous but it means I cant be flexible with my teaching at all and I hate it. However, if it was necessary I am the sort of person that would get on with it, and just moan to hubby! BUT no one can give me a reason for these so called support groups and its driving me nuts so, after being stranded abroad for 2 weeks, I decended on my head on his first day back and let rip how unhappy I was! (He knows what im like so wasnt surprised! lol) He complimented me to the hilt and then told me he would sort out all my issues and that I should get thorugh this year and thwn would be working alongside the other teacher who teaches like me, next year! Problem sorted! lol!

    I hope the job hunting goes well xxx
  • Good for you! I'm glad he's on your side too, I hate it when teaching becoms inflexible and rigid, which is why I hate Ed Balls!!!! Idiot man who makes me prove everything three hundred times and implements stupid stuff, why I oughtta...

    I shall no doubt be venting on here once I'm back, but my mantra will be "It's only X weeks/days" etc!!!

    Em x x x
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