Homemade birthday cake?

Why did i promise myself 10 months ago i would make Holly's birthday cakes myself? Im a terrible cook!
So, all your mrs beetons out there, do i make victoria sponge or chocolate. And how do i ice and write on it! Help!
Id love to see your pics, pretty please!
I should just go to the shops and buy a beautiful one that will prob work out cheaper than homemade! But ive told myself i will do it. And to make it worse, like i wont be busy enough, hollys birthday and party is on new years eve! argh!
Thanks in advance ladies. x


  • when my eldest daughter was little i did a sponge cake in the microwave in a mixing bowl, tipped it upside down onto cake board, covered it in ready roll icing, little icing petals and love heart sweets, got a cheap barbie type doll, i pulled her legs off and stuck her on top
    1 princess cake (using the mixing bowl made a lovely gown ) xx
  • i bought a personlaised topper from ebay it was about ??5 so we just had to make the cake,just buy a mixture from asda or that it tells you everything to do on the packet

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  • you girls are genius's. Thanks
  • Hi, victoria sponge is the easiest cake ever to make. I'm hopeless at icing though. This is my recipe:
    250g butter (softened)
    250g caster sugar.
    250 self raising flour
    2 eggs
    vanilla essence...1 tsp
    sometimes a bit of milk if mixture looks a bit thick.
    Mix together well...sooo easy
    Put in 2 sandwich tins and put in the oven for about 15-20 mins on 200 degrees (watch carefully as it cooks sooo quick sometimes).
    Leave to cool and then empty out of tins, put jam on one cake, butter cream on the other (buttercream made with butter & icing sugar mixed together) and sandwich together.
    Can't help with the icing as I'm pretty useless at that! I just sprinkle with icing sugar
    That recipe works for me but I would look up others as I dont want to take responsibility if it messes up lol. Thats the basic gist of a simple victoria sponge tho...

  • Not a brilliant pic, but this is the cake I made for Millie's first birthday

    It wasn't as difficult as it first looks, I bought ready coloured icing from an on line cake shop and the animals were a bit fiddly but fairly simple to make. It is chocolate sponge underneath with flakes stuck round the outside.
  • for the icing i use ready rolled fondant icing and u can buy tubes of different coloured icing to write on the cake with x
  • Omg bedhead, you domestic goddess you! That is one wicked cake...much too tasty for babies :lol:
  • wow that cake looks so yummy! x
  • mmm that cake looks sooo nice!! that must have been hard to make
  • Definitely not a domestic godess lol. I can bake but I don't do cleaning!!! It was far too yummy for babies, and very chocolatey, they all ended up covered in chocolate!
  • All sound (and look) gorgeous. I think i will try and get some of the ready icing then, and some "icing pens" and maybe some little flowers or something to decorate it.
  • wow, looks delicious!
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