Needing a new cot for a 9 month old - advice needed!!!

My mum will be looking after my little girl when I go back to work in a couple of weeks. She currently naps there - when I am at my mums - in a travel cot. My mum has a really bad back and has mentioned to me that when I am at work she will struggle to get her out of the travel cot. We have a drop side cot at home which has been passed through the generations and I am going to let her have that so she can get lo out of the cot without bending too much.
What I need to know from you lovely's is what type of cot would be best to get for a 9 month old. The cot we have is a bog standard cot (not a cot bed). Are cot bed's worth getting?? Its not going to be a waste of money to get one as we are planning to have more children in the near future anyway. I just want to help my mum out as she is kindly saving me nursery fees!!!
Any advice would be helpful!


  • g/c from due in jan
    i would recommend a cot bed as they are suitable up to 4 years old and make it easy to change to a bed when the time comes.
    mothercare have a really good selection at not very high prices.
  • I think although the cotbeds are more expensive up front, they save money in the long run compared with buying more beds so I would get a cotbed. When your next lo arrives, they could then use it as a cot, then bed, and you can get another bed for your dd.
    We currently have a cot for our 9mo son and Im due again late Jan so we are going to get a cotbed for him next year and put our dd into the cot that we already have cos it seems to make the most sense.

  • it depends if you're like me... ( :lol: ) we bought a cot bed before JJ was born with the view to using it as a bed when needed...however, when he was old enough to go in a bed i decided it was ugly and went out and bought a George Pig toddler bed :lol: so yeah, it's worth it if you're not like me hehe x
  • We have a drop-side cot bed which Peter has been in since he was about six months (when he outgrew his crib) and will be in for years to come. It wasn't actually hugely more expensive than a cot, and we will definitely get the use out of it by the time he has outgrown it.

    We are planning to have more children and the next one will go in the crib again for the first six months and then we will get another cot bed, I suspect.
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