night waking, development phase ??


Tyler is 7.5 months old and in the past few days has started to crawl forwards and pull himself up, he's also started nursery for 3 days a week and has a cold. Along the same time he has started waking at either 1am or 3am when i go in to re-settle him he drinks a full bottle of milk (i think this is because he's abit picky with his milk in nursery) and then i just pop him back in the cot and he settles himself.

Do you think this could be a development thing or has he regressed, he was doing so well, sleeping through 4 nights out of 7.




  • is it only on nights that hes been at nursery?
  • i would love to say yes, but no. It started when he had a cold last week and his nose was completely blocked, he stil has abit of it lingering, but has since worked out how to crawl, so whenever i go in to settle him he's on all fours trying to crawl. at 1am its not so funny !!
  • We've been having the same thing with our lo. She has been crying out at night & when I've gone into her, she's on all fours crawling around the cot (with her eyes closed!). If she's particularly distressed,I'll pick her up & cuddle her before putting her back down. I think it's a developmental thing, as they're learning new skills & are processing these & practicing them in their sleep. I can't comment about the night time feeding though, if this is new. Could it be a growth spurt?xx
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