Lily's progress and quick question....?

Hello all, Lily is now just over 8 months now and has mastered crawling and standing up on the furniture.

I was wondering if any of you give your babies milky tea? Lily has whole milk mixed with her food but i know they say you cant give them milk to drink till a year old but as it would be mixed with tea we werent sure so any views and opinions welcome.

Thanks Rachel and Babba Lily xx image


  • I would think it would be OK to give her a little bit of tea but I wouldnt put any sugar in it.

    Gabe has tea but only on his dummy. He loves's become too much of a habit now that the bloody mil started! But all he has to drink is water and formula xxx
  • i actually dont know.
    personally i dont use cows milk for anything my little ones eat in till they are over one year old. but that just me as there is a lot of milk problems in both mine and hubby's family's so dont want to risk it x
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