Early morning waking - am I going to have to do PUPD or CC?

Hi, I think I've mentioned this before and I've been putting off actually dealing with it but Archie's early morning waking is getting ridiculous.
He goes to sleep fine, settles himself at 7.30. Through till 5ish. then awake. This has been going on for weeks. I don't think he's hungry as he is getting plenty during the day (up to 40oz and just started weaning a few days ago)
When he wakes he can be pacified for a wee while with a dummy or a cuddle but then he just crys and wants to get up. If I put the light on he's instantly quiet cos he thinks it's daytime and he can play and get fed but he'll happily wait til 7ish for a feed.
If I let him get up at 5am he's always going to be an early waker and, not that I follow her routine, but I remember a Gina Ford book saying do anything to get them back to sleep till your chosen time as it teaches them it is still nighttime.
Will his sleeping stretch longer once he's eating more solids.Or am I going to have to try pickup putdown or controlled crying. He's 20wks. Any advice please. I go back to work in a couple of months and need him to sleep till 7ish so i can get ready before I get him up and leave for work. Thanks. S x


  • Hi. I really sympathise. We had exactly the same problem with Nathan up until a few weeks ago.
    To get him sleeping later we basically moved his whole routine forward by 1/2 hour. This meant he ate his last meal at 5pm instead of 4.30pm and had his last bottle just before 7pm rather than 6.30pm. His Naps all moved on to. It took just over a week for us to see any difference but then suddenly he started sleeping until 7.30am (!). This then had a knock on effect that he was much happier in the evening as he wasnt so tired. He still naps the same amount that he did before though.

    Unfortunately he has just had a bug and the last 2 days have been early again but I put this down to hunger as he hasnt been eating so I'm perservering today to get him back into routine, He is a bit older (9 mths) but had been waking early for months before we solved it.

    Good luck.

  • Hi
    My girls were the same. I think the books advise using PUPD/CC until at least 6am, then let them get up for the day. Anything past 6am is fair game! Once he starts eating more that should help.

    Donna - out of interest, when are your naps during the day?

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