phantom kicks? also in BIM.

ok, this is going to sound so stupid, but i swear i can feel phantom baby kicks, i dont remember feeling this after Ellie but its constant now, am i going mad or does anyone else feel this???


  • Nope you're not mad I had it too ! Apparently its quite normal, and mine continued for a couple of months. Still to do with everything going back to the way it was before pg.
  • I still get them! I think 'ooh, there's Adam kicking me', then remember that it's not! I quite like them!

    Although I do keep having dreams (nightmares, lol) that I am preggers, so mybe they are not so phantom after all!

  • Interesting!
    I had been feeling a bit off colour recently, had a stomach ache that came and went and I swear a few times felt like little fluttery kicks.
    I was so concerned about it I actually took a preggers test! Thankfully negative - much as I am loving being a mum, I don't think I could handle another one just yet!
  • i have been having them on and off for a while (LO is 6 months) so much so i had to take a test as they were just like they were at 20 odd weeks!! scarey! i have also had the weird dreams to but defo not pregnant image
  • OMG, I am so glad I have read this. My lo is 2 months now and I have been feeling them recently.

    Thought I was losing the plot!

    H x
  • I get this too and my son is 5months. I got really worried about it!
  • I get this, v scary image first time had them for ages. This time been happening lots again. Took test once but managed not to do it again x
  • I've been having these, and I got them after the birth of my first daughter too. I think maybe it's muscular.
  • thank you ladies, im so glad im not losing my marbles after all, i too done a test yesterday but knew as LO is only 12 weeks that i wouldnt be feeling kicks yet anyway even if i was pregnant (scary thought!!!!) xxx
  • wow i thought i was going mad. i still get them now and dd is almost 20 months. they were so real that i too POAS.

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